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vrm.7.68 Puru was born of Sarmishtha and Yadu of Devayani.
vrm.7.68 Puru was the favourite son of the king, both on account of his mother and of his personal graces.
vrm.7.69 Hearing those words of Yayati, the foremost of men, Yadu replied "Let thy most favourite son Puru take upon himself this decrepitude.
vrm.7.69 Let that Puru take this, with whom thou dost eat and live.
vrm.7.69 Hearing the words of Yadu, Yayati said to Puru "O thou having large arms, do thou take the decrepitude for me.
vrm.7.69 Hearing the words of Yayati, Puru, with folded hands, said "I am always ready to satisfy thy commands; and I have been favoured and honored by this command of thine.
vrm.7.69 Hearing those words of Puru Yayati was highly pleased and attained to an excess of delight and then transferred his own decrepitude to him.
vrm.7.69 Thereupon after a long time Yayati said to Puru "O my son, do thou bring the decrepitude I have kept as deposit with thee let it now assail me.
vrm.7.69 Having thus addressed his son Puru, the king Yayati angrily said to Yadu, the son of Devayani Thou, vicious Rakshasa, art born of me in the shape of a Kshatriya, or else why shouldst thou disobey my orders ?For this thou shalt never be a king.
vrm.7.69 Having thus imprecated Yadu, the royal saint Yayati honored Puru, the enhancer of the prosperity of the kingdom, with installation and then retired to woods.
vrm.7.69 The highly illustrious Puru reigned piously in the foremost of cities Pratishtana.

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