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vrm.7.11 And the lord of riches, for the sake of his father s dignity, dwelt in a palace situated on the hill bright as moon light, graced with ornamented superb piles; even as Purandara dwells in Amaravati.
vrm.7.19 And coming to that foremost of men king like unto Purandara himself in prowess, Ravana said, Give me battle; or say I have been defeated.
vrm.7.35 Being proud of dignity, O Sakra, O lord, O Purandara thou didst regard her in thy mind as thy spouse.
vrm.7.38 Like, unto Brihaspati preceeding Purandara, the royal prests went before him carrying, Maduparka and water to wash feet.
vrm.7.52 Like unto Purandara with Sachi he took Sita by the hand, made her sit and drink the wine distilled in the province of Mira.
vrm.7.89 Hearing the words of the Devas, Rama, having truth for his prowess, said with folded hands to Purandara, of a thousand eyes "If the Devas are pleased, I beg for this boon that the son of the twice born one may be restored to life.
vrm.7.97 It is said in this Puranas, that Purandara, sullied by the sin consequent upon slaying a Brahmana, was again purified by celebrating a horse sacrifice.
vrm.7.99 In this wise, the time of the destruction of creatures having arrived, the Devas being stricken with anxiety, according to the previous command of Vishnu, engaged in celebrating the sacrifice With Rishis and Ritwikas they fearfully approached Purandara ;and beholding him assailed by the sin of Brahmanicide, they with him, at their head, engaged in celebrating a horse sacrifice.

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