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vrm.1.51 "Oh, great resplendent Vishvamitra, you have narrated to Rama about the maltreatment of my mother by the Providence as has happened anciently, isn t it! "Oh, the best sage Kaushika, you be safe, my mother is reunited with my father on beholding and giving hospitality to Rama Really! "Oh, Kaushika, my father came to my mother s place from Himalayas! Has the great resplendent father of mine worshipped Rama because the redemption of my mother is per the kindness of Rama! Has this great souled Rama reverenced that great resplendent father of mine by according a redemption,
vrm.1.71 a "My daughter Seetha is the bounty for bravery and in simile she is the daughter of the divine Providence, and thus the second one Urmila too.
vrm.6.6 The wise call him as the foremost among men, who carries through the beginning of any undertaking after consulting those who are wedded with welfare of others, or with ministers who are efficient in conferring decisions or with friends having common interests or additionally with relatives or who try to get a favour from Providence too.
vrm.6.6 He who does not determine the merits and demerits of an act clearly, having recourse to Providence and neglects his duty by simply telling I shall do it, he is the lowest among men.
vrm.6.110 "This destruction of the Vanaras, your Rakshasas as also yourself, in the battle, has happened at the juncture of the Providence alone, O the great armed!"

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