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vrm.2.54 "Perceive, Oh Lakshmana, the smoke looking prominent as a sign of the glorious Agni fire near Prayaga the confluence of the holy Ganga and Yamuna rivers.
vrm.2.57 It was gathered by those who were there Guha and others about Seetha, Rama and Lakshmana coming to sage Bharadwaja, their staying with him in Prayaga and their departure to Chitrakuta Mountain.
vrm.2.89 Having made to cross River Ganga by the fisher men themselves, that holy army reached the magnificent woods of Prayaga at the hour of Maitra.
vrm.2.91 By the command of Bharadwaja, wreaths of flowers which were beloved of the Gods or those which grow in the woods of Chaitraratha were seen at Prayaga.

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