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vrm.6.4 Valimukha, Prajangha, Jambha and Rabhasa the Vanara were moving on all sides, urging the Vanaras forward.
vrm.6.41 The strong Vanara Hanuman together with Prajangha, Tarasa and other warriors, guarded the western gate.
vrm.6.43 The ever indomitable Sampati fought with Prajangha and Hanuman the Vanara measured his strength with Jambumali.
vrm.6.43 Sampati, who was struck by Prajangha with three arrows, killed Prajangha by an Ashvakarna tree, at the zenith of the combat.
vrm.6.75 By the orders of Ravana, Yupaksha, Shonitaksha, Prajangha and Kampana along with the aforesaid sons of Kumbhakarna set out for the battle.
vrm.6.76 The strong and the great warrior, Prajangha on his part, along with Yupaksha, was enraged and rushed towards the mighty Angada with his mace.
vrm.6.76 Angada, the chief of Vanaras, between the two warriors, Shonitaksha and Prajangha, shone like a full moon between the two asterisms known as Vishakhas.
vrm.6.76 The mighty Prajangha, however, cut them down with his sword.
vrm.6.76 Prajangha, lifting a large sword, which can chop off vital parts of the enemies, rushed swiftly towards Angada.
vrm.6.76 Angada struck, with his fist, the arm of Prajangha, holding the sword.
vrm.6.76 Seeing that sword looking like a pebble in shape, which fell on the ground, the mighty Prajangha tightened his thunderbolt like fist.
vrm.6.76 When that Prajangha of great splendour struck Anga, the excellent Vanara with a great strength on his forehead, Angada shuddered for a moment.
vrm.6.89 The valiant Nikumbha, the mighty Kumbhakarna, Kumbha, the Rakshasa called Dhumraksha, Jambumali, Mahamali, the highly swift Ashaniprabha, Suptaghna, Yajnakopa, a Rakshasa named Vajradamshtra, Samhadri, Vikata the destroyer of enemies, Tapana, Manda, Praghaasa, Praghasa, Prajangha, Jangha, Agniketu who was difficult to be conquered, Agniketu, the valiant Rashmiketu, vidyujjihva, Dvijihva, Suryashatru, Akampana, Suparshva, Chakramali, Kampana and the mighty Devantaka were also killed.
vrm.6.123 Yupaksha and Prajangha were killed.

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