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vrm.1.35 Then they sojourned on the riverbank of Ganga, and next on taking bath in Ganga they have customarily offered that river s water as oblations to their Pitris.
vrm.1.44 "On according those best water oblations that endow superior realms to the souls of sons of Sagara, according to precedency and the rationale of scriptures, and even on offering water oblations to other Pitris that kingly sage and greatly renowned Bhagiratha is sanctified, and then only that king re entered his own city, indeed when his purpose is completely achieved, and oh, outstanding man Rama, thus that king Bhagiratha ruled his kingdom well.
vrm.1.44 "This legend is conducive to achieve prosperity, fame, longevity, progeny and even heaven, and he who narrates this legend to others, whether he is from Brahmans or from Kshatriya s, or for that matter of fact from any other class, his Pitris will be satisfied, and Gods too will be gladdened.
vrm.1.49 "On hearing the words of the officiator for Hundred Vedic rituals, namely Indra, all of the Devas together with the Maruts came to the Pitris keeping the Fire god in van, and appealed.
vrm.1.49 Thus Agni started his appeal to Pitris.
vrm.1.49 Thus Agni, the Agni spoke to Pitris.
vrm.1.49 "On hearing the words of Agni, the Agni, the Pitris Gods who gathered to collect their share of offering have extricated that Ram s Testes, which is not yet sacrificed but tethered to a sacrificial post, and offered them to the Thousand eyed Indra.
vrm.1.49 "Oh, Rama of Kakutstha, from then onwards the Pitris who come to collect their share are enjoying even the Goats, even if they do not have Testes, to endow benefits thereof to those that offer those Goats, and to join the Testes of Goats to Indra.
vrm.1.53 Oblations to Gods or Pitris, enkindling of Ritual fire, religious sacrifices, Homa s, the sacred rituals conducted as Darsha, Paurnamaasi, all are dependent on her.
vrm.1.71 b, a "Oh, king Dasharatha, let the preceding ritual of Samaavartna, be undertaken, and let Pitris be propitiated by the ritual,
vrm.2.28 "The Devas, the Pitris ancestors, the guests who arrive are to be worshipped always according to the preseribed rites.
vrm.2.75 May he, with whose counsel my elder brother has gone to exile, incur that sin of not doing service to be god, to the Pitris and likewise to his mother and father.
vrm.2.100 I hope your treasure does not reach undeserving people, O, Bharata!" "I hope that your expenditure goes for the cause of divinity, Pitris, Brahmins, unexpected visitors, soldiers and hosts of friends.
vrm.2.109 "Neither Gods nor the Pitris will accept the offerings of those who are wanting in truth, unsteady and unstable in their minds.
vrm.3.4 those that are inhumed in pit, to them there will be the worlds of Pitris.
vrm.3.11 Disguising in Bhraman s semblance and speaking sophisticatedly that Ilvala used to invite Brahmans for the purpose of obsequial ceremonies, where Brahman are fed after usual ceremony to appeases their Pitris.
vrm.3.16 "On appeasing Pitris with worships during northern solstice and even on performing solstitial rituals in time, the righteous people are becoming free from evils.
vrm.3.16 Then on offering water oblations to Pitris and Gods that impeccant trinity extolled the rising sun and Gods likewise.
vrm.3.75 Oh, Lakshmana, holy is our taking a bath in this holy Pampa Lake, for it is formed by the waters of seven seas, and even holier is our oblation of this holy waters to Pitris.
vrm.4.34 "He who is enthroned as a king but anchored himself to dishonesty and makes fake assurances to helpful friends, who can be more ruthless than him? "A person gets attached to the sin of killing of a hundred of his Pitris, deified souls of his own ancestors, if he promises to gift one Horse but fails to do so, and in promising to gift one cow but failing in it he gets the sin of killing a thousand Pitris, and if he promises to a person to do the needful help and fails in rendering that help, then he gets the sin of suicide along with the sin of killing his own kith and kin.
vrm.4.41 After that, farther from earth there is the most dreadful world of Pitris, namely the abode of Yama, the Terminator, and you need not consider going there.
vrm.4.41 "You can go or search only up to this point, oh, the best braving vanara s, as that world of Pitris will be encompassed with an alarming darkness, and it is the capital city of Yama, the Terminator.
vrm.6.32 O, the faultless Rama! Surely, you must have met in heaven your father and my father in law Dasaratha as well as all the multitude of Pitris.
vrm.6.90 Placing Indra as their head, the Sages, Pitris, Devas, Gandharvas, Garudas and Uragas protected Lakshmana in the battle field.
vrm.6.105 "The Pitris manes, Vasus, Sadhyas, Ashvins, the Maruts wind Gods, Manu, the Vayu, the Agni, the created beings, the life breath, the source of teh seasons and the store house of light.
vrm.6.117 Thereupon, Vaisravana, the King of Yakshas, Yama together with the Pitris, Indra the lord of Devas, Varuna the lord of waters, the illustrious Shiva having three eyes, Brahma the creator of all the worlds and the best among the knowers of sacred knowledge all these together reaching the City of Lanka in aerial cars, shining like the sun approached Rama.
vrm.7.20 Then here go I to the city of the lord of the Pitris; and I am determined to compass the death of him that visiteth creatures with smat.
vrm.7.21 O king of the Pitris, here cometh the night ranger named ten necked, for bringing thee under his sway thee who art incapable of being conquered.
vrm.7.24 Hearing these words Ravana said I have seen Kritanta, the lord of Pitris with Death himself, with hairs standing erect.

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