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vrm.3.66 Persons of your like who are always equable in their outlook, oh, Rama, they will remain non dispirited even if they are undergoing desperate straits, and they will not just sadden like this.
vrm.4.13 "There were hermits named Saptajana Seven Persons, who were dourly vowed with their heads pendulous downward and legs up, as in Shiirsaasana the upside down yogic body posture, and who always reclined in water.
vrm.4.13 "Offer salutations determinedly and adjoining palms addressing the sages called Seven Persons, oh Raghava, along with brother Lakshmana "Those that offer salutations to those sages with contemplated souls will evince no bodily trauma in the least.
vrm.4.13 Then Rama along with brother Lakshmana adjoined palms, addressed himself to the great souled sages known as Seven Persons, and offered salutations to them.
vrm.4.13 Having gone a long way from that hermitage of Seven Persons they have seen that unassailable and Vali ruled city namely Kishkindha.
vrm.6.16 Persons who are valiant, strong and skilled in weaponry, when time comes, sink down ruin as a dam constructed with sand sinks down.
vrm.6.16 Persons whose duration of life is to end, do not accept the salutary words spoken by their well wishers

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