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vrm.1.29 Oh, Supreme Person, you are abounding with asceticism, aggregate of asceticism, the aspect of asceticism, and the very soul of asceticism, such as you are, I am able to see you with the well practised asceticism of mine.
vrm.1.45 b, a Keshava" then reached out his hand and grasped the mountain top as he is the Cosmic Soul, and thus staying amid Gods that Supreme Person Vishnu participated in churning the ocean by holding the stirring mountain upright.
vrm.1.45 "Whoever confronted that Eternal and Supreme Person, namely Vishnu, in that war, then Vishnu whose blaze is threefold as manifest in the sun, fire and lightning, has pulverised him.
vrm.1.60 Those amazing and numerous stars you have created will remain in firmament, but outside the path of stelliform of Cosmic Person.
vrm.4.27 that Supreme Person.
vrm.4.40 "Earlier while treading the three worlds in the incarnation of Trivikrama, the Supreme Person Vishnu made His first foothold on that pinnacle Saumanasa, and the second on the pinnacle of Mountain Meru to tread the heavens.
vrm.4.42 puraaNa/Legend: "Once upon a time in the crusades of Gods Rakshasas, Vishnu assuming the form of Purosottama Supreme Person slew the Horse faced Asura named Hayagreeva on that mountain, and snatched away the wheel weapon from him.
vrm.4.62 Saying so that sage, who is a discerner who discerned the sum and substance of Supreme Person castaway his mortal body in his ascent to heaven.
vrm.6.117 Those who are devoted to you, the primeval and the eternal lord, belonging to ancient times and the Supreme Person, will forever attain their desired objects here as well as hereafter.

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