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vrm.2.1 People used to love him and he used to love the people.
vrm.2.1 People loved the virtuous prince Rama and treated him as their spirit moving outside.
vrm.2.14 People" who know what is right, indeed speak of truthfulness as highest virtue.
vrm.2.15 People who came from different rural parts to see Rama s coronation were waiting with different gifts in their hands.
vrm.2.51 People will joyfully move in the capital belonging to my father and the city with its quadrangular places allocated at lovely sites, and well aligned roads, rich in mansions of well to do men, temples and royal palaces adorned with the foremost of courtesans, its chariots Horses and Elephants that obstruct the roads, the musical instruments that resound there full of all blessings and crowded with merry and well fed men, well provided with gardens and royal parks and bright with festivities carried on under the patronage of associations.
vrm.2.81 People of high position like ministers and other welcomed the approaching Bharata in every way as they had welcomed Dasaratha and as Indra was welcomed by Devas.
vrm.2.105 "When folds have appeared on limbs and hair have turned grey on what expedient can a man having got decayed with age, come back to the original splendour?" People" are deligted when the sun has risen and also when the day ends.
vrm.2.109 People" fear of a person, who speaks untruth, as one fears a snake.
vrm.3.41 People on diminishing lifetime will be similar to corpses and a corpse cannot take in the expedient spoken by considerate confidants, isn t so.
vrm.3.62 my palace chambers? b, a People will denounce me as a vigourless and pitiless person, and my ineptitude will indeed be self evident, for Seetha is led away from me by some tactical being.
vrm.3.75 Then that Lord of People and Lord of Nature on exiting from that hermitage, he then came nigh of Lake Pampa along with Lakshmana.
vrm.4.18 People will be capturing several animals, either covertly or overtly, with snares, springes and even with numerous contrivances.
vrm.4.28 Lords" of People will be anointed only by their people who bring in the water pots on their shoulders to anoint their king, and that king then shows his own propitious aspect of a humanly king, whereas the Lord of Mountains is being anointed by the water from the cloudy pots, sent by Lord Indra and wafted hitherto by Vayu, showing his own serene as well as propitious aspect of his divine nature on earth.
vrm.6.71 People cannot become good persons, just by boasting of themselves.
vrm.6.117 People neither know your end nor your origin nor who you are in reality.
vrm.7.80 People shall be at ease if thou canst bring about the destruction of Lavana.
vrm.7.110 People, hailing from various countries, with all attention began to witness this wondrous and unthought of event.

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