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vrm.2.10 Peacocks and parrots were being reared in that palace, sounds of Birds like curlews, and swans were heard around.
vrm.2.55 Having strolled in the charming forest, mad noisy by a number of Peacocks and which was inhabited by Elephants and Monkeys and reaching an agreeable level ground at the bank of the river wearing an undejected look finally sought for an abode for the night.
vrm.3.75 b, a Rama on scrutinising that rosy woodland in which everywhere there are outsized and diverse trees that are thickset with flowers, and different lakes loaded with the trilling Birds like Plovers, Peacocks, Waterfowls and suchlike, with which that woodland itself is trilling in much ado, became
vrm.5.3 Thereafter Hanuma the Vanara, became happy seeing the doors which were of golden color, with platforms of cat s eye gems, inlaid with diamonds, crystals and pearls, embellished with floors of gems, graced with Elephants made of refined gold, crowned with spotless white silver, stairs studded with cat s eye gems, with inside walls made of crystal free from dust, provided with lovely assembly halls, with sounds of Krauncha Birds and Peacocks, served by royal Swans, looking as though flying toward the sky, with auspicious houses resounding everywhere with the sounds of clarionets and ornaments, equalling the city of Vasvankasara, as though flying towards the sky.
vrm.5.11 Hanuma observed meat of Pigs and Goats, Porcupines, Deer and Peacocks preserved in Curds and sochal Salt.
vrm.5.14 That Hanuma the Simian, saw on entering that garden filled with happy humans, animals and Birds with varied hues during spring, resounded by Birds, with trees made of silver, made of gold, surrounded everywhere by Birds and groups of animals wonderful with wonderful trees equaling the Sun at sunrise together with trees of various kinds which obtained flowers and fruits, served daily by Cuckoos and by dragon flies, resounded by Peacocks in heat and with groups of Birds of various kinds.
vrm.6.39 In that garden abounding in cascades, the songs of Birds like Gallinules, Lapwings small white cranes, dancing Peacocks and Cuckoos were heard.
vrm.6.75 decorated with gems and Corals, as though touching the sky, rendered noisy with notes of Herons, Peacocks, veena the indian lute and the jingling of ornaments as also appearing like mountains.

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