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vrm.1.20 One born in Paulastya dynasty, an extremely mighty and exceedingly brave Rakshasa named Ravana is there, and he with the boon given by Brahma, and accompanied with many other Rakshasas is torturing the triad of worlds, contemptuously.
vrm.3.22 "Oh, war pert Duushana, I wish to start ahead of all the Rakshasas of ours, who are the clans Rakshasas of the great souled Paulastya, for the purpose of elimination of that evil minded Rama.
vrm.3.24 Raghava shall be victorious in the war over the clansmen of Sage Paulastya, the nightwalkers.
vrm.3.50 b, "If the means to gain probity, or prosperities, or even pleasures are inconspicuous in scriptures, oh, the scion of Paulastya, then even the erudite scholars will conduct themselves following the king and his demeanour.
vrm.5.23 "O Seetha! You are not respscting becoming wife of Ravana born in the family of Paulastya, best among men, a great soul with ten heads.
vrm.5.23 "Among th six Prajapatis, whichever son, the fourth Prajapati, born by the thought of Lord Brahma ,he is famous as Paulastya.
vrm.6.87 That highly splendid Lakshmana spoke to that Indrajit, the scion of Sage Paulastya, who had never been conquered before as follows "I am inviting you for a fight.
vrm.7.2 And well pleased with her, that highly energetic one said, O thou of shapely hips, well pleased am I with thee with thy wealth of worth, and therefore, O exalted one, I will to day confer on thee a son like unto thyself, who will perpetuate both the lines being celebrated as Paulastya.
vrm.7.8 All those exalted Rakshasas going under the name of Paulastya that had been headed by Sumali, Malyavan and Mali, were stronger than Ravana.
vrm.7.12 But, my child, how can I know thee now ?Who art thou? Thus addressed, the Raksha humbly said, Ten necked by name, I am the son of the ascetic, Paulastya, who was born as the third son of Brahma.
vrm.7.16 So, O Paulastya, which way thou wishest, and permitted by me, O Lord of Rakshasas, go thou.
vrm.7.17 Go thou, O son of Paulastya.
vrm.7.20 Therefore, O Paulastya, O captor of hostile capitals, do thou put down Yama.

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