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vrm.3.5 b, He saw the stainless Parasol of Indra, marvellously garlanded and shining forth, and the exemplary and invaluable royal fanning instruments with golden handles, which two best female Devas are handling and fanning at Indra s head sides with them.
vrm.3.32 One who has twenty arms, ten faces and a broad chest, and a possessor of all regalia of Indra like white Parasol, white fanning instruments, colours and the like insigne, and at that brave one who is attributed with all of the kingly attributes, Shuurpanakha saw.
vrm.3.35 Dasha aanana, the Dasamukha Rakshasa, whose complexion like the smoothened Lapis gem is lustrous, whose regalia that comprise white long furred fans, white Parasol and the like is spectacular, whose ornaments made out of refined gold are glittering, who similar to a kingly mountain with ten pinnacles and crags by way of his ten heads and twenty arms is gorgeous, and such a chief of Rakshasas who by that way is an adversary of Gods and cutthroat of eminent sages, seated in a nitid golden chariot that is rideable by the wish of its steersman, he shone forth like a black cloud fringed with the streaks of lightning and rimmed with flights of cranes.
vrm.3.51 Jatayu swiftly collapsed the Parasol of Ravana which in shine is mirroring the full moon, along with the regalia of white royal fur fans, together with the Rakshasas handling them for fanning Ravana.
vrm.3.64 This hundred spoked regal Parasol of someone is embellished with divine festoons, but oh, gentle Lakshmana, its central shaft is wrecked and it is felled to earth.
vrm.4.26 A white Parasol highly ornate in gold, long furred royal fans with golden handles that are the enhancers of celebrity are brought for Sugreeva s anointment.
vrm.4.38 b, a Sugreeva who achieved the kingdom of unexcelled magnificence has started out that magnificently to the high extolment of panegyrists, while a white royal Parasol spread overhead the palanquin, white fur fans fanning him from all over, and while conch shells are blowing loud and drums are drumming high.
vrm.6.40 There above a gateway, stood the invincible Ravana the lord of Rakshasas, who was being fanned with white whisks on both sides, was graced with a triumphal Parasol, was smeared with red sandal paste, adorned with scarlet ornaments, attired in raiment embroidered in gold, resembling a dark cloud, who bore on his breast scars of wounds inflicted on him by Airavata with his tusks, wrapped in a cloak of red colour resembling the colour of hare s blood and looked like a mass of clouds in the sky enveloped with sunshine at sunset.
vrm.6.65 That Kumbhakarna, the enemy of Devas and Danavas, wielding a sharp spike in his hand, while sallying forth, over whose head a Parasol was held and drink and intoxicated by the smell of blood.
vrm.6.73 Indrajit, the tormentator of enemies, with a Parasol white as a couch and the moon, shone like the sky with the full moon.
vrm.6.127 Placing the wooden sandals of his brother Rama on his head and taking the white Parasol intended for Rama which was adorned with white garlands and two white whisks decorated with gold, eminently worthy of kings, accompanied by the foremost of Brahmanas, leaders of the guilds of traders and artisans, including the mercantile class, surrounded by the counselors with garlands and bell shaped sweets in their hands, cheered by the blass of conches and kettle drums, duly praised by panegyrists, the great souled Bharata, for his part, whose mind was set on righteousness, who was well versed with the secret of virtue, who was emaciated through fasting, who felt miserable, was clad in the bark of trees and the sking of a black antelope, who experienced joy for the first time in hearing the news of the arrival of his brother then went in advance, along with his ministers, to meet Rama.
vrm.6.128 Shatrughna held the Parasol on Rama s head.
vrm.6.128 Shatrughna held over him, a white and charming Parasol Sugreeva the king of Vanaras, a white whisk and vibhishana the lord of Rakshasas, another whisk shining like the moon.

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