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vrm.3.13 A most prosperous place called Panchavati is there at a distance of two Yojana s from here, oh, dear Rama, which is abundant with tubers, fruits, water, and
vrm.3.13 I am in the know of your heartfelt certitude by my ascesis, thereby I wish to advise you to go to Panchavati, though I said that you may dwell in these ascetic woods along with me.
vrm.3.13 Then on climbing up an upland a mountain is seen, that which is also not far away, and that renowned Panchavati is there in an ever blooming forest in the valley of that mountain.
vrm.3.13 Thus well bidden by Sage Agastya those two Rama and Lakshmana have offered their venerations at the feet of that sage and proceeded to their prospective hermitage at Panchavati along with Seetha.
vrm.3.13 Those princes that are dauntless in war took up their bows and braced up their quivers, and resolutely proceeded to Panchavati on the route apprised by that great
vrm.3.14 Then while proceeding to Panchavati that Rahu s descendent came across a mammoth eagle with marvellous might in midway.
vrm.3.14 He that Rama took the princess from Mithila Seetha, and proceeded to Panchavati along with that very mighty bird and Lakshmana, as though to incinerate enemies, like fire that burns down grasshoppers.
vrm.3.15 Then on going to Panchavati which is full with many serpents and predators, Rama said to splendidly brilliant Lakshmana.
vrm.3.15 "We arrived at the place as indicated by the sage, oh, gentle Lakshmana, this region with its flowered forests is Panchavati.
vrm.3.15 While Seetha and Lakshmana devoted themselves to that righteous Rama, he resided in Panchavati like a Divinity in heavenly world for sometime to come.
vrm.3.16 Pleasant Hemantha Ritu pre winter season has set in after the passage of Sharat Ritu, post rainy season at Panchavati where the noble souled Rama is staying comfortably.
vrm.3.19 In this way when Khara ordered those fourteen Rakshasas, they have gone to Panchavati along with Shuurpanakha like black clouds glided by gales.
vrm.3.20 Shuurpanakha having seen the fall of Rakshasas quickly fled from Panchavati of Rama to trikanTaka, the capital of Khara, and she being the sister of Khara she reported to Khara all about the destruction of those Rakshasas, in its entirety.
vrm.6.123 "O lady of beautiful complexion! Here is the region, known as Panchavati, so called because it consists of five banyan trees where Khara the Rakshasa was killed by me with straight going arrows, as also his brothers, Dushana and the mighty Trishiras.

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