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vrm.3.15 "These mountains are brightening with trees of Sala, Palmyra, Tamaala, Date Palms, Jackfruit and also thus with Punnaaga.
vrm.4.50 They beheld Saala, Tala Palmyra, Tamaala trees and some flowered trees like Punnaaga, Vanjula, Dhava, Campaka, Naga, also Karnikara trees.
vrm.5.18 There some women bore lamps of gold some others carried chowries some others had fans of Palmyra leaves in their hands.
vrm.6.22 From here and there the Vanaras brought Palmyra trees, pomegranate shrubs, coconut and Vibhitaka, Karira, Bakula and neem trees.

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