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vrm.1.24 b, a "On observing the honour accorded by wise Indra to these places Devas praised the controller of Paka, namely Indra saying, splendid, splendid it is.
vrm.1.60 b, a "On seeing Trishanku s entry into the realm of heaven, Indra, the subjugator of Paka, spoke this sentence together with all the multitudes of Gods.
vrm.3.19 "Indeed, I do not find anyone who causes displeasure to me in this world, even among divinities including the thousand eyed Indra, the controller of Paka.
vrm.3.30 "He that great resplendent one, the controller of Paka, and the destroyer of enemy s cities, namely Indra, once came to the meritorious hermitage of Sage Sharabhanga only for the purpose such an elimination of Rakshasas.
vrm.4.42 "On which mountain the distinguished Mahendra, whose Horses are green and who is the controller of Paka, is anointed by Gods as their king, such a mountain is this named Mountain Megha, or Mountain Meghavanta, which you have to scour.
vrm.5.58 They used to wander the entire earth freely, hurting the people!" Hearing that behaviour of those mountains, the venerable Indra the destroyer of Paka, chopped their wings into a thousand pieces by using his thunderbolt.
vrm.6.120 When Dasaratha returned, the Lord Indra, the destroyer of Paka, was very much pleased and spoke to Rama, who stood there with his oined palms.
vrm.7.35 Do thou therefore, O thou having long arms, release Mahendra, the chastiser of Paka and for setting him free what do thou want from the Devas ?"Thereupon the highly powerful Indrajit the subduer of enemies, said "If dost thou say so, O god, I pray for immortality.
vrm.7.80 Being apprised of this vicious intention of his, Indra, the slayer of Paka, consoled him in sweet words, saying "O foremost of men, even in the land of men, thou hast not been able to become the real king.
vrm.7.98 If the slayer of Paka celebrates a horse sacrifice, he shall again fearlessly be installed as the chief of Devas.

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