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vrm.1.54 "On hearing his sentence, oh, Rama, that Sacred Cow Shabala then created Pahlava kings, sprang forth from her mooing hums and hundreds of them annihilated the army of Vishvamitra in its entirety just while Vishvamitra is witnessing it.
vrm.1.54 a King" Vishvamitra was utterly infuriated and with wide eyed anger he started to destroy those Pahlava s with many a kind of his weaponry.
vrm.1.54 b, a "On seeing the subdual of hundreds of Pahlava s by Vishvamitra, then the Sacred Cow again generated deadly Shaka s hobnobbed with Yavana s through her mooing hums
vrm.1.55 "From the hums of her mooing Kaamboja s similar to sunshine are born, from her udder Pahlava s wielding weaponry are born, from the area of her privates Yavana s, likewise from her rectal area Shaka s, and from her hair roots Mleccha s, Haariitaa s along with Kirataka s are issued forth.

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