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vrm.7.72 There lived for a long time a Vulture and an Owl en a mountain expending over the banks of a river, resonant with the notes of cuckoos and filled with lions, tigers and various birds, situated in a pleasant forest abounding in trees near the city of Ayodhya.
vrm.7.72 Once on a time the vicious Vulture alleging that the nest of the Owl was his own, began to quarrel with him.
vrm.7.72 The Vulture having said this, the Owl began "True, it is, O king, that in him are the portions of the Moon, Indra, the Sun, Kubera and Yama, but there is in him also a portion of man.
vrm.7.72 The Owl also said "At the time when the earth was first adorned with trees that this nest of mine was constructed.
vrm.7.72 Hearing these words, the ministers said to Rama "O thou having a large mind, what the Owl has said is true the Vulture has not spoken the truth.
vrm.7.72 It is for this that I hold, O ministers, that this house does not belong to the Vulture, but to the Owl.

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