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vrm.1.1 One" emerged from Ikshvaku dynasty and known to people as Rama by his name, and he is conscientious, highly valorous, resplendent, steadfast and a controller of vice and vile.
vrm.1.14 One post of sleshmaataka wood and two of Devadaru wood as stipulated are staked.
vrm.1.20 One born in Paulastya dynasty, an extremely mighty and exceedingly brave Rakshasa named Ravana is there, and he with the boon given by Brahma, and accompanied with many other Rakshasas is torturing the triad of worlds, contemptuously.
vrm.1.38 One of your wives will mother a son who enriches your dynasty, oh, dear sire, and the other mothers sixty thousand sons.
vrm.1.47 One from the seven may permeate Brahma s abode, likewise another may permeate the heaven of Indra, and even the third one, let him become a greatly celebrated and reputed as Divine Vayu, and he may circulate in entire universe.
vrm.1.51 One" who is highly renowned by the name Gaadhi was the son of Kushanaabha, and Gaadhi s son is this great saint of great resplendence, Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.70 One of the two wives of Asita, the lotus petal eyed and highly fortunate one queen came there desirous of a best son, and reverenced the sage who is godly in his glow.
vrm.2.13 "Oh, cruel one! One with sinful thoughts! Oh, kaikeyi! why are you planning to do harm to Rama who is beloved to me and who is truly heroic? I shall certainly get unequalled ill fame and humiliation in this world".
vrm.2.21 One" who follows righteousness, does not waste his promise given to one s father or mother or Brahmana.
vrm.2.21 One who is intested in wealth alone becomes indeed fit to be hated in the world.
vrm.2.28 One" distress by fatigue has to sleep in nights on a bed of fallen leaves.
vrm.2.90 "Thus spoken to as aforesaid, Bharata with his eyes filled with tears in grief and in a faltering tone, replied to Bharadwaja as follows: "If you the Blessed One, regard me like this, I am lost indeed! I cannot conceive of any harm towards Rama having proceeded from me.
vrm.2.91 "O, Venerable One! Either the king or the prince should always keep away from the places occupied by ascetics" "O, Holy one! Spirited Horses, men and rare Elephants in rut covering an immense area are accompanying me.
vrm.2.99 Overcome with grief, the highly valiant prince Bharata cried out O, Noble One! quot once and in his distress, was unable to speak anything further.
vrm.2.99 Crying at the top of his voice, O, Noble One quot only, on
vrm.2.109 One" s conduct itself explains whether one belongs to a good family or a bad family, valiant or arrogant and chaste or unchaste.
vrm.2.109 One" rules over the world.
vrm.2.109 One develops a race.
vrm.2.109 One sinks into hell
vrm.2.109 One rises high to heaven according to one s degree of truthfulness practiced.
vrm.2.119 "O, Fortunate One! While the auspicious night drawing near, the sun has sunk below horizon.
vrm.3.29 One" who causes suffering to living beings, besides being a transgressor and completely ruthless, he does not stand up for himself even if he were to be the lord of all the three worlds.
vrm.3.29 One" who undertakes evildoings will definitely and seasonably reap their fruits, which in his case will be ghoulish, as with the flowering of trees according to season.
vrm.3.32 One who is severally bruised in several combats of Devas and Asuras with the thunderbolts from the Vajra weapon of Indra, and one who is severally blotched on his chest when the prongs of the tusks of Airavata, the lordly Elephant of Indra, gored his chest, at such a Ravana Shuurpanakha saw.
vrm.3.32 One who has twenty arms, ten faces and a broad chest, and a possessor of all regalia of Indra like white Parasol, white fanning instruments, colours and the like insigne, and at that brave one who is attributed with all of the kingly attributes, Shuurpanakha saw.
vrm.3.42 b, a One of its cheeks in the shade of a reddish lotus while the other in the hue of a bluish lotus, one of its ears is in the hue of bloomed blue lotus while the other is in the shade of a sapphire, while the shine of its stomach is like that of a best blue diamond, Indra niila maNi, and with a little upraised neck that deer has moved about there.
vrm.3.42 One flank is shining whitish like Madhuka flowers and the other is similar to the roseate fibrils of lotuses, while its hooves are similar to the gemstone lapis, calves thin, and thus with very well cohered limbs that deer moved about there.
vrm.3.47 One" known as Lakshmana is such a Rama s brother from another mother, and he is a valorous one, tigerly man, and an eliminator of enemies in war.
vrm.4.4 One named Danu, son of Diti, who acquired Rakshasa hood by curse had said that Sugreeva, the chief of Vanaras, is a capable one, and he even said, that great valorous Sugreeva can know about the abductor of your wife.
vrm.4.4 One who is rebuffed by sadness, and even agonised by it had already sought refuge, hence it is apt of Sugreeva to do favour in Ramas respect along with other vanara commanders.
vrm.4.7 One" well engulfed in sadness doubts even his life, oh, king of kings, leave off that sadness and just hold on to courage.
vrm.4.11 One" named Dundubhi was there in the form of a Buffalo, whose size shone forth like Mountain Kailasa and who bears the strength of a thousand Elephants.
vrm.4.14 b, a One who is assertive of his own valour will not tolerate to hear enemy s daring in a brawl, that too in the presence of ladies.
vrm.4.29 One" who belatedly functions for the present mission of his friend, he will indeed be unassociated with that mission, despite of the fact that he has once performed great deeds in respect of the same friend.
vrm.4.30 One" swan is sleeping in the water of a vast lake thick with white lotuses, and that lake is glistening like the star studded nightly skyscape that is disengaged from clouds, and that has the full moon.
vrm.4.31 One" among those two, Lakshmana, is biding at the door wielding his bow, by whom the Vanaras are panicked and venting out alarms shuddering utterly.
vrm.4.34 One" who is dynamic, abounding with best troopers, sympathetic, senses conquered, a faithful one and an advocate of truth, he alone thrives as a king in the world.
vrm.4.41 One" of its summit will be golden which the Sun adores, and the other will be silvery whitish which the Moon adores, and that mountain is unperceivable to the unfaithful ones, or to the unkindly ones or to unbelievers.
vrm.5.8 One that has been obtained by austerities and by prowess, one that moves about by thoughts of concentrated mind, made from various significant parts with an appearance of parts of equal significance, collected from here and there from all over the world.
vrm.5.10 One woman hugging veena and sleeping was shining like a lotus plant thrown away by the flow of a great river and resorting a boat.
vrm.5.18 One woman to the right of Ravana held with her right hand a vessel with gem stones filled with liqour.
vrm.5.21 One" who is not satisfied in own wives, a fickle minded one with disturbed senses, mean minded one, to such a man, others wives will lead to humilation.
vrm.5.27 One" left arm of this strightforward Seetha suddenly has become erect and is slightly trembling.
vrm.6.3 One hundred thousand of Rakshasas, with an army of four limbs viz.
vrm.6.3 One million troops arrived with shields and swords as well as proficient in the use of all mystic missiles, are positioned at the western gate.
vrm.6.8 One who is skilled din a stratagem alone will be without lassitude and can indeed defeat the enemies.
vrm.6.16 Ravana, goaded by death, spoke the following harsh words to Vibhishana, who was very stable and who had spoken wholesome words: One can stay together with an enemy or even with a furious snake, but one cannot stay together with an adversary yet avowing himself as a friend" O, Rakshasa! I know the conduct of kinsmen in all the worlds.
vrm.6.17 One must take a decision, after ascertaining the pros and cons of it.
vrm.6.17 One should take up the action, if there is an advantage and reject it, if it is faulty.
vrm.6.27 O, monarch! One hundred lakhs of Vanaras with their black faces, with fearful appearance and with great strength, experiencing the crossing of the bridge, surrounds the troop leader by name Gavaksha, a Vanara and are making a roaring noise, ready to crush Lanka by their bodily strength.
vrm.6.28 One of the jaws of this Vanara who fell down on the head of the rock, was a little fractured.
vrm.6.75 One warrior killed the one who was killing another, a second one threw down the one throwing down another a third one scolded another who was scolding the other one while a fourth one chewed the one chewing another.
vrm.6.87 One s own kindred may not be virtuous.
vrm.7.4 One day he saw a beautiful maiden and became filled with passion.
vrm.7.36 One day the highly powerful Arjuna, the king of Haihayas, repared to the river Narmada, with his wives to sport.
vrm.7.46 One of them holding him by the palms and smiling said "Why hast thou come hither ?Who are thou ?who is thy father? and what for hast thou come here ?thou deinitely say.
vrm.7.90 Next morning leaving my bed I arrived at the banks of the pond and saw a plump dead body in the waters, One of its limbs was pale and its beauty was not spoiled, holding it and standing on the banks I began to meditate on it.

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