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vrm.4.43 a "Then there is the North Kuru, the dwelling of those who have achieved divine merit in their previous births and now born in that country to enjoy the fruits of that divine merit, thus that country itself is earmarked for meritorious beings.
vrm.4.43 Thus Sugreeva said to the Vanaras going to North.
vrm.7.88 And not beholding him there he went to the North bounded by the Himalayas.
vrm.7.115 Angada stated towards the West and Chandraketu towards the North.
vrm.7.120 Heaing Rama s words Bharata was also stupified and speaking ill of the kingdom, said "O King, I swear by truth, that far from kingdom I do not wish to live in heaven even without thee: O King, of these two princes, Kusi and Lava, do thou place Kusi in Kosala and Lava in North Kosala: And let quick moving emissaries go to Satrughna and communicate unto him the intelligence of our going there.

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