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vrm.6.111 He was drawing to himself, the Rakshasas called Nivatakavachas, in battles.
vrm.7.23 And arriving at Bhogavati the city governed by Vasuki, he brought the Nagas under subjection and then, delighted, bent his course to the palace Manimayi There dwelt the Nivatakavachas", who had obtained boons.
vrm.7.23 And making the Nivatakavachas desist from battle the ancient great father spake in clear words Even the Devas and the Asuras are not able to vanquish this Ravana in battle ;nor can the Danavas backed by the Devas can destroy you.
vrm.7.23 Thereat Ravana made friends with the Nivatakavachas in the presence of Fire ;and then rejoiced greatly.

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