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vrm.4.60 There was a sacred hermitage belonging to a sage of intense ascesis known as Sage Nishaakara which was reverenced even by Gods.
vrm.4.60 On nearing that sacred hermitage and sheltering myself at the base of a tree, I waited there desirous to see that godly Nishaakara.
vrm.4.61 "Then I have informed the Sage Nishaakara all about that impossible and impracticable deed done indiscreetly by me and Jatayu and our following the Sun in red heat, as well.
vrm.4.62 Thus Sampati continued his narration, and now he reports to Angada and others what that is said by Sage Nishaakara to him.
vrm.4.62 Thus Sage Nishaakara started to console Sampati.
vrm.4.63 That expert in sentences, namely sage Nishaakara, entered his own dwelling on saying these and many other words of encouragement and after permitting me to take leave.
vrm.4.63 Nishaakara has gone on great voyage to heaven, thus my anguish burned me down.

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