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vrm.4.23 Then the Vanara chief Nila extricated that arrow which is stuck in the chest of Vali, as with the extraction of a firmly wedged sparkling snake from the cavity of a mound.
vrm.4.29 And the noble minded Sugreeva directed Nila, one of the commanders of vanara army, and who always strives to foregather vanara army, to foregather all of the Vanara forces available in all the directions.
vrm.5.2 "Only four great Vanaras can come here the son of Vali Angada, Nila, myself and the wise king Sugriva".
vrm.5.46 "Earlier, I saw the Vanaras of a great prowess like Vali and Sugreeva, the mighty Jambavan, Nila the Chief of army and so on like Dvivida.
vrm.6.3 Oh, Rama! What is the use for the rest of the forces to you? Angada, Dvivida, Mainda, Jambavan, Panasa, Anala and Nila the commander in chief alone, by reaching that great city of Ravana leaping and storming Lanka with its mountains and woods, moats and archways, protective walls and buildings, will recover Seetha.
vrm.6.4 Then Rama the virtuous man versed in moral law, who was well adored by Sugreeva the king of Vanaras and Lakshmana, again spoke as follows: Let general Nila accompanied by strength of hundred thousand warriors go before the army, to explore the way.
vrm.6.4 Oh Nila the chief of Army! Steer the army speedily by the path, abound with fruits and roots, cool woods and fresh water and honey.
vrm.6.4 Rishabha, Nila, and the courageous Kumuda along with many Vanaras were clearing up the path ahead.
vrm.6.4 Nila their chief of the army, the brave and the best among Vanaras, the self controlled and the foremost among movable beings, was protecting atha army in every direction.
vrm.6.24 Taking these troops of Vanaras from the army,let the valiant and the invincible Angada take up his position with Nila at the centre of the formation.
vrm.6.27 Each and every single one, like Gaja, Gavaya, Nala and a Vanara called Nila is surrounded by crores of warriors.
vrm.6.29 Beholding those foremost of Vanara leaders pointed out by Shuka the most valiant Lakshmana Ramas right arm, his own brother Vibhishana standing close to Rama, the terribly powerful Sugreeva the king of all Vanaras, the strong Angada grandson of Indra the wielder of thunderbolt, the powerful Hanuman, the imincible Jambavan, Sushena, Kumuda, Nila, Nala the excellent of Vanaras, Gaja, Gavaksha, Sharabha, Mainda and Dvivida that Ravana his heart became agitated a little, was enraged and then abused those two heroes Shuka and Sarana who had completed their report.
vrm.6.30 Here is Nila the army general himself, the son of Agni the Lord of Fire.
vrm.6.30 Here too is the virtuous Lakshmana, resembling the most excellent Elephant among Elephants, in the path of whose arrows, even Indra himself could not survive Sweta and Jyotimukha, the sons of the sun god, a Vanara called Hemakuta, another son of Varuna, Nila the son of Visvakarma the strong and the best of Vanaras, as well as that mighty and swift Durdhara the son of Vasus are all here.
vrm.6.37 "At the eastern gate of Lanka, Nila that lion among Vanaras for his part, surrounded by many Vanaras, should attack Prahasta.
vrm.6.38 Hanuman, Angada, Nila, Mainda, Dvivida, Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sharabha, Gandhamadana, Panasa, Kumuda, Hara, Rambha the chief of the troop, Jambavan, sushena, the greatly wise Rishabha, Durmukha of great splendour, Shatabali the Vanara and other hundreds of Vanaras which are fast moving, which can wander easily on mountains with a speed akin to that of wind, ascended that Suvela mountain which Rama ascended.
vrm.6.41 Then, Vibhishana, Sugreeva, Hanuman, Jambavan the king of Rikshas, Nala, Nila and Lakshmana accompanied that Rama.
vrm.6.41 Nila, the valiant army chief of Vanaras together with Mainda and Dvivida reached and halted before the Eastern gate.
vrm.6.43 Gaja of great strength fought with a Rakshasa called Tapana and Nila too of great energy fought with Nikumbha.
vrm.6.43 Nikumbha chopped Nila, having a radiance of a mass of collyrium in battle, by his sharp arrows, like a cloud by the rays of the sun.
vrm.6.43 Then, Nikumbha the swift handed Rakshasa again wounded Nila by a hundred arrows in the battle and laughed continuously.
vrm.6.43 Nila chopped the head of the charioteer of Nikumbha by the wheel of the same chariot in that fight, as Vishnu in a battle.
vrm.6.45 Rama the scourger of his enemies ordered both the sons of Sushena, Nila the chief of Vanaras, Angada the son of Vali, the stron Sharabha, Dvivida, Hanuman, the very strong Sanuprastha, Rishabha and Rishabha skandha.
vrm.6.46 Nila, Dvivida, Mainda, Sushena, Kumuda, Angada along with Hanuman forthwith began to grieve for Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.6.46 Striking Nila with nine arrows, Indrajit the destroyer of foes tormented Mainda and Dvivida with three superb arrows on each.
vrm.6.47 Hanuman, Angada, Nila, Sushena, Kumuda, Nala, Gaja, Gavaksha, Panasa, Sanuprastha and the mighty Jambavan with Sunda, Rambha, Shatabali and Prithu all these Vanaras, armed with trees, reorganized their ranks, stood alert, surveyed the quarters of the sky up and down and on every side and, even if a grass stirred, they exclaimed, It is a Rakshasa!
vrm.6.49 "O, Sugreeva! Recross the sea with your army, keeping Angada in front and with your followers, Nila and Nala.
vrm.6.58 Then, Nila saw Prahasta who was employing a multitude of arrows sitting in the chariot and annihilating the Vanaras swiftly.
vrm.6.58 Seeing Nila who was running towards him in the battle field, as a rocking wind in the sky rushes towards a large massive clouds, Prahasta the Army general attacked Nila himself with his chariot having the sun s colour.
vrm.6.58 That Prahasta the Army General, who was excellent among the wielders of bow, drew the bow string and hurled the arrows towards Nila in that great battle.
vrm.6.58 Those arrows with a great speed resembling furious snakes employed by Prahasta proceeded towards Nila, pierced him and fell on the ground.
vrm.6.58 That great ape of prowess Nila, who was struck by sharp arrows resembling flames, uprooted a tree and thumped it on the descending Prahasta who was most difficult to be assaulted.
vrm.6.58 Like a bull standing under a sudden autumnal down pour, so under that intolerable and sudden rain of darts released by Prahasta, Nila endured with closed eyes though it was scarce to be endured.
vrm.6.58 The exceedingly strong and the great Nila, enraged over the volley of darts, killed Prahasta s Horses by hurling a huge Sala tree on them.
vrm.6.58 Thereafter the greatly enraged Nila quickly broke the bow of Prahasta the evil minded Rakshasa and shouted again and again.
vrm.6.58 Then, that Prahasta exerting himself well struck Nila on his forehead with a mace and blood oozed from his forehead.
vrm.6.58 Ignoring that blow, he seized a huge mace and ran in strength towards Nila the strong Vanara.
vrm.6.58 Seeing Prahasta of terrible velocity briskly rushing towards him, Nila the great Vanara took a huge rock swiftly.
vrm.6.58 Nila quickly hurled that rock on the head of Prahasta who was longing for war and fighting with a mace in the battle.
vrm.6.58 Then, that huge and terrific rock hurled by Nila the leader of the Vanaras broke Prahasta s head into myriad pieces.
vrm.6.58 Thier leader having been slain by Nila that unshakable and large army of Rakshasas, becoming disconsolated, withdrew to Lanka.
vrm.6.58 The triumphant Nila, however, was honoured by Rama and Lakshmana for his task well accomplished and experienced supreme joy.
vrm.6.59 While Prahasta the Army chief of Rakshasas was slain in the battle by Nila the foremost among the Vanaras, Ravana s army possessing terrible arms took to flight with the speed of a tide.
vrm.6.59 The Rakshasas went and told Ravana that Prahasta the Army chief had been killed by Nila the son of Agni.
vrm.6.59 Seeing that mighty Hanuma exhausted, Ravana turned his chariot towards Nila.
vrm.6.59 Nila the Vanara general.
vrm.6.59 Nila, the Army General of Vanaras, tormented by that hail of arrows, with one hand hurled a great rock at Ravana the king of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.59 Meanwhile, Hanuma of exalted mind, burning with courage, regained his breath and in his martial ire cried out furiously towards Ravana, the Lord of Rakshasas who occupied in fight with Nila as follows: It is not proper to
vrm.6.59 Then, the mighty Ravana, however, shattered the rock hurled by Nila with seven pointed arrows and it fell down, crumbling to pieces.
vrm.6.59 Seeing that rock crumbling to pieces, Nila the Army general the destroyer of enemies who resembled the Fire of Time, glowed with fury.
vrm.6.59 In that fight, Nila hurled Aswakarna trees, Shala trees with extensive flowering, Chuta trees and other various types of trees.
vrm.6.59 Ravana, confronting those trees, bursted them and showered a hail of dangerous darts on Nila the son of Agni.
vrm.6.59 Showered by a multitude of shafts, as from a cloud, the mighty Nila assumed a diminutive form and leapt on to the point of Ravana s standard.
vrm.6.59 Seeing Nila the son of Agni standing well on the point of his standard, Ravana inflamed with fury.
vrm.6.59 Then, Nila shouted loudly.
vrm.6.59 Thereafter, those Vanaras who felt rejoiced to see Ravana disconcerted at the agility of Nila and had found an occasion for jubilation, shouted joyously.
vrm.6.59 Ravana the Rakshasa, taking up an arrow, charged with the missile presided over by the Agni, aimed at Nila who had perched on the tip of his standard.
vrm.6.59 Thus speaking, Ravana the long armed King of Rakshasas, having placed Agni Missile with his arrow, struck Nila the Army General.
vrm.6.59 Struck on the chest by the arrow combined with a missile, Nila
vrm.6.59 Seeing Nila unconscious, Ravana, eager for fight, in his chariot whose rattling sounded like thunder clouds, rushed on Lakshmana.
vrm.6.71 Taking trees and mountain peaks, Kumuda, Dvivida, Mainda, Nila and Sharabha marched forwards quickly to attack him at once.
vrm.6.73 Indrajit then struck Jambavan with ten arrows and Nila with thirty arrows.
vrm.6.73 With lances, spikes and sharp arrows, charged with sacred texts, Indrajit the excellent Rakshasa struck all those foremost of Vanaras, namely Hanuman, Sugreeva, Angada, Gandhamadana, Jambavan, Sushena, Vegadarshina, Mainda, Dvivida, Nila, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Kesari, Hariloma, Vidyuddamshtra, Suryanana, Jyotimukha, a Vanara called Dadhimukha, Pavakaksha, Nala as also a Vanara named Kumuda.
vrm.6.74 Sugreeva, Nila, Angada and Jambavan could not understand what to do.
vrm.6.74 Vibhishana and Hanuma saw Sugreeva, Angada, Nila, Sharabha, Gandhamadana, Gavaksha, Sushena, Vegadarshi, Mainda, Nala, Jyotimukha and a Vanara called Dvivida, who were struck down on the battle field.
vrm.6.128 Thereafter, Rama the tormentator of enemies, having thought over, presented articles according to their inclinations, to Mainada, Dvivida and Nila.
vrm.7.5 Do thou, O master, listen to me as mention to thee, Raghava,the offspring that Sumali s younger brother begat on her, Anala, and Nila, and Sampati.

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