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vrm.5.24 Eating human flesh afterwards, we will dance for propitiating Nikumbhila.
vrm.6.82 Seeing Hanuma with drawing to the place where Rama was, the evil minded Indrajit went to a sanctuary called Nikumbhila, seeking to pour oblations into the sacred fire.
vrm.6.82 Arriving at Nikumbhila, Indrajit poured oblations into the sacred fire.
vrm.6.84 After reaching a sanctuary by name Nikumbhila, this Indrajit will pour oblations into the sacred fire.
vrm.6.85 This Lakshmana together with a large army should go soon to kill Indrajit, who reached Nikumbhila, with arrows as deadly as the serpentine poison released from his snake like bow in battle.
vrm.6.85 "That Indrajit, as such along with his army, is reported to have reached Nikumbhila.
vrm.6.85 "A boon was given by Brahma to that intelligent Rakshasa as follows: "O Indrajit! That enemy of yours, who strikes while you are marching with your bow drawn, and while you have not arrived at Nikumbhila, or even while you have not offered oblations to the sacred fire, will prove to be the cause of your killing.
vrm.6.85 Offering salutation to the feet of his brother and doing circumambulation too, that Lakshmana went to the sanctuary named Nikumbhila, which was protected by Indrajit.
vrm.6.85 Duly arriving at Nikumbhila, that foe conquering Lakshmana stood, bow in hand, to conquer that Indrajit, the possessor of conjuring tricks, in conformity with Brahma s ordinance.

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