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vrm.4.29 "Those that are the quickstepped, venturesome fly jumpers who are the defenders on the perimeter of army, they shall be fetched quickly an speedily at my order, and oh, Niila, you on your own have to personally and closely monitor the military establishment without any heterogeneity.
vrm.4.29 Thus, Sugreeva, the king of best Vanaras on assigning the set up, and ordering Niila, the Commander of Vanara Forces, that glorious Sugreeva re entered his palace chambers.
vrm.4.33 Taara, Jambavanta, Dadhivaktra, Niila, Supaatala, and that of Sunetra.
vrm.4.39 Commander Niila has then come into view with his colossal and blackish mascara mound like body encircled by ten crores of vanara s that are selfsame to their leader.
vrm.4.54 This Jambavanta, these Vanaras like Niila, and great Vanara Suhotra and others do not definitely tagalong you, isn t it.
vrm.5.15 There in that garden of Ashoka there were thousands of Ashoka trees some equalling gold, some equalling fire, some equalling the precious stone Niila and Anjana.

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