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vrm.4.41 "Search the thousand crested Vindhya mountains abounding with numerous tress and climbers, then the delightful Narmada river coursing a little southerly to that range, which is adored by great snakes, along with wonderful River Godavari, as well as River Krishnaveni and Maha Nadi, and then the greatly auspicious River Varada which is an adoration to great snakes.
vrm.6.27 O, king! He who is standing in the middle, with terrific eyes and of fearful appearance, encircled by all like Parjanya the rain god being encircled by clouds is the army chief called Dhumra, the Lord of all Rikshas, who drinks the waters of River Narmada and resides on an excellent mountain named Rikshavanta.
vrm.7.5 At this time, O Raghava, there lived at her pleasure a Gandharvi, named Narmada.
vrm.7.36 One day the highly powerful Arjuna, the king of Haihayas, repared to the river Narmada, with his wives to sport.
vrm.7.36 And casting his looks upon Vindhya mountain, resembling the Himalayas and having huge caves Ravana, the king of Rakshasas, reached the river Narmada, of holy waters and going rapidly to the western ocean.
vrm.7.36 The charming Narmada appeared like a beautiful damsel having blossoming trees for her onaments, Chakravakas for her breast, wide spread forest for her waist, the row of swans for Mekhala, filaments of flowers for paste, watery foams for white silken cloth, the pleasure of descending into water for the pleasure of touch and full blown lotuses for white eyes.
vrm.7.36 Having descended from his car and bathed in the waters of Narmada, the foremost of streams, resembling a fair one, Ravana, the lord of Rakshasas, with,his councilors, sat on her coast resided by many an ascetic.
vrm.7.36 Delighted at her beauty and having spoken highly of Narmada like unto Ganges he addressed his ministers Suka and Sarana with gestures, saying "Behold, having rendered the earth pale, with his many rays, the sun, emitting parching heat,is in the sky.
vrm.7.36 At my fear, even the wind is blowing carefully, being cold and fragrant by the touch of the waters of the Narmada and removing our toil.
vrm.7.36 This charming Narmada, abounding in crocodiles, fishes and birds, though a natural stream, is standing still like a terrified damsel.
vrm.7.36 Therefore like unto Sarvabhauma and other infuriated elephants going down into the water of the Ganges, do ye descend into the water of Narmada conferring auspiciousness and health.
vrm.7.36 Hearing the words of Ravana, Prahasta, Suka, Sarana, Mahodara, Dhrumakshya and other councillors descended into the waters of Narmada.
vrm.7.36 And in a moment the Rakshasas collected heaps of flowers on the picturesque banks of Narmada, resembling the white clouds.
vrm.7.37 At no distance from where on the banks of tbe river Narmada, that dreadful lord of Rakshasas collected the flowers, Arjuna, the King of Mahishmati, and the foremost of the victorous, was sporting with his wives in the water And being encircled by them the king Arjuna appearo like a leading elephant surrounded by a thousands of she elephants.
vrm.7.37 In order to measure the strength of his thousand arms the King of Haihayas obstructed the course Narmada.
vrm.7.37 Being obstructed by the arms of Kartavirjarjuna and having looded the banks with her pure waters, Narmada lowed in an opposite direction.
vrm.7.37 And having given up his worship which was half finished Ravana looked towards Narmada looking like an unwilling damsel and saw that she, with rising currents, was flowing towards the east from the west and the waters beyond that were in a natural state like a quiet lady and the birds were seated there without any anxiety.
vrm.7.37 "O lord of Rakshasas, an unknown person, huge as a Sala tree, is sporting with females obstructing the course of Narmada like unto a dam.
vrm.7.37 And being withheld by the thousand arms of that man the waters of Narmada were continually throwing up high waves.
vrm.7.37 Within a short time the dreadful Rakshasa, powerful as the elephant Arjuna, reached the banks of Narmada and espied there Arjuna encircled by females as an elephant surrounded by she elephants.
vrm.7.37 There arose a dreadful uproar on the banks of Narmada, of the councillors of Ravana and Arjuna.

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