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vrm.1.20 a My boyish son is godlike and unfledged in warfare, oh, Brahman, and he is the one who alleviates me from Punnama Naraka the Hell of sonless fathers.
vrm.3.14 b, a "And oh, enemy destroyer Rama, Danu gave birth to son Ashvagriiva or also called Hayagriva, Horse headed god, and Kaalaka gave birth to Naraka and Kaalaka.
vrm.4.42 "A city named Praagjyotisha is there which is completely golden, wherein the evil minded Asura named Naraka is living.
vrm.4.50 b, a Though a suspicion in general is evoked in them, as they presumed that cavity to be Naraka, The Hell of Yama, or Patala, of Emperor Bali, those highly resplendent and great mighty fly jumpers have neared it, rejoicing for the availability of water in there.
vrm.6.69 Beaten down by me, as Shambara by Indra and Naraka by Vishnu, I will lay down Rama today in battle.
vrm.7.32 As resoting to thy prowess I destroyed Namuchi, Vritra, Bali, Naraka and Samvara, so do thou make some arrengements for his destruction.

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