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vrm.3.16 On taking bath in the river along with Seetha and Lakshmana, Rama shone forth like All controlling god Rudra, who will be radiant on taking bath along with his consort Parvati and with his follower Nandi, the Holy Bull.
vrm.5.50 When Mount Kailasa was moved by me, is it the same Nandi the divine bull which cursed me long ago and came here now in this form or whether he is Bana the great Asura came here in the form of a Vanara.
vrm.7.16 As they were speaking thus, that attendant of Bhava, Nandi, terriffic, of yellow black hue, dwarfish,frightful, with his head shaven, having short arms, and stout, coming up to them, said this.
vrm.7.16 And the lordly Nandi,undaunted, addressed the sovereign of the Rakshasas, saying Desist thou O Ten necked one Sankara; spoteth in the mountain ;and now He is incapable of being approached by every one Suparnas, Nagas and Yakshas Devas;, Gandharvas and Rakshas Hearing Nandi s speech, Ravana, wrought up with wrath, his eyes coppery, and his ear rings shaking, leapt down from Pushpaka.
vrm.7.16 And saying, who is this Sankara he came down to the base of the mount, and beheld there Nandi stationed at the side of that deity, suppoting himself on his flaming dart, resembling a second Sankara.
vrm.7.16 Thereat, growing enraged, the reverend Nandi Sankara s other body spoke unto that Raksha Dasagriva present there; As O Dasanana, deriding me for my monkey like form, thou hast indulged in a laughter resembling the bursting of thunder, so Vanaras endowed with prowess, and possessed of my form and energy shall be born for compassing the destruction, of thy race.
vrm.7.16 But without heading Nandi s speech, that highly powerful one Dasanana coming to the mountan, said, O Gopati, I will even uproot this mountain, for whom Pushpaka was deprived of its motion as I was journeying.

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