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vrm.1.15 b, a "He that furious one with his insolence is knocking down Sages from their divine abodes, and like that he is knocking down the Gandharvas and Apsaras too from the heavenly gardens Nandana, where they will be taking delight.
vrm.1.27 b, a "Oh, mighty armed son of the best king, I am giving a great missile named Vaidyadhara by its name, and a gem of sword named Nandana.
vrm.2.68 Hearing their words, Vasistha spoke as follows: O, Siddhartha! O, Jayanta! O, Vijaya! O, Ashoka! O, Nandana! Please come.
vrm.2.91 A particular company of Apsaras, embraced by whom, a man looked as though seized with insanity, came from Nandana grove.
vrm.2.91 While they were enjoying thus in that charming hermitage of Bharadwaja, in the same manner as Devas enjoy the garden of Nandana, that night had elapsed.
vrm.2.98 "That enchanting mountain of Chitrakuta resembles the King of Mountains on which Rama is residing, as Kubera is living in the garden of Nandana.
vrm.3.32 b, a He who enviously devastated the divine gardens of Kubera, called Caitraratha, along with a divine Lake of Lotuses pertaining to the same Kubera, called Pushkarini, and the gardens of Indra, called Nandana, along with other paradisiacal gardens of Gods, Shuurpanakha saw such an envious Rakshasa.
vrm.3.43 Or else, does it exist in Nandana Gardens of Indra no, it cannot be there in the adjoins of Caitraratha Gardens of Kubera no, it will not be there, then how can there be some deer on earth which is similar to this! "Amazing are its hairlines with hair upturned at some places and down turned at other, and the golden spots embedded on the coat of the deer are glittery.
vrm.3.73 "On crossing over that parkland, oh, Kakutstha, another parkland with blossomy flowers is there, which replicates the heavenly Nandana gardens, and a replica of Uttarakuru, an all endowing province.
vrm.3.73 "Oh, the legatee of Raghu, that woodland which in simile is like a godly forest, similar to the heavenly Nandana gardens, overspread with divers Birds is renowned as Matanga woodland and oh, Rama, you will take delight rejoicingly in that woodland.
vrm.5.15 That Hanuma being there observed closely that Ashoka garden shone by Santanaka creepers, Santana trees with heavenly aroma and juice, well decorated in all directions equalling the garden of Nandana, surrounded by animals and Birds, congested with mansions and palaces, resounded with the notes of Cuckoos, decorated with wells having golden water lilies, lotuses and with many chairs and carpets with many sub terrain houses, beautiful trees, with trees with flowers of all seasons and with fruit, with the radiance of raising sun, by the glory of Ashoka trees in bloom, as though radiant as though being made to be with branches without leaves, by hundreds of Birds perching again and again, Ashoka trees with wonderful flowers as head decoration, with flowers spread till the roots destroying leaves, with weight of groups of flowers as touching the earth with Karnolaara trees in blossom with Kimkusa trees in full blossom.
vrm.5.15 Like the garden of Nandana, wonderful like Chaitraratha, a garden of Kubera, surpassing all, unfathomable, an excellent one, a beautiful one consisting of glory together with flowers like clusters of stars, like a second sky wonderful with flowers, like hundreds of diamonds, like a second ocean with flowers of all seasons, spread with trees having the smell of honey, beautiful with groups of animals of various sounds, diffused with many smells with an auspicious soul pleasing smell.
vrm.5.30 Thereafter, seeing that Seetha as a divine lady in the garden of Nandana, Hanuma echoed his thought in various ways.
vrm.5.41 "This excellent grove of this cruel Ravana, with its various kinds of trees and creepers, which is pleasing to the eyes and the mind, is looking like Nandana, Indra s paradise.
vrm.6.39 That garden, which bore flowers and fruits in relation to all seasons and with full of bees, like chaitraratha was quite charming, like Nandana.
vrm.7.10 In this wise Vibhishana like a deity in Nandana passed away ten thousand years, observing restrictions.
vrm.7.10 And, O Brahman, seven Apsaras in Nandana, ten attendants of Mahendra, as well as sages and human beings, have been devoured by this one.
vrm.7.12 Having thus wedded, those Rakshasas, taking each his wife, set about sporting there, like unto Gandharvas sporting in Nandana.
vrm.7.13 And while Kumbhakarna was overpowered by sleep, Dasanana without let began to destroy Devarshis, Yakshas and Gandharvas, and going to graceful gardens, Nandana, etc, he devastated them ruthlessly.
vrm.7.13 I have seen Nandana ravaged ;and I have heard of the sages slain, and O king, of the preparations the Devas are making against thee.
vrm.7.15 Thereat Padma and other Nidhi deities, surrounding the granter of wealth, raised him up and brought him to the Nandana wood.
vrm.7.34 We are now waiting near the Nandana grove do thou take me to the hill whence the sun rises.
vrm.7.52 And Rama s Asoka forest was like unto Indra s Nandana and Kubera s Chitraratha made by Brahma.

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