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vrm.7.79 In the midnight the Muni boys came to Valmiki and communicated unto him this auspicious intelligence, saying "O illustrious Sir, the beloved spouse of Rama hath given birth to two sons ;do thou so protect them that evil spirits might not injure them.
vrm.7.84 And having bowed unto the feet of the leading Muni, that foremost of men took from his hands water to wash feet and Arghya and accepted his hospitality.
vrm.7.89 Having been initiated, that highly effulgent Brahman saint hath lived within waters for twelve years ;his vow hath now terminated O Kakuthstha, we shall now go to welcome that Muni.
vrm.7.89 Hearing the words of the Muni, Rama took from him that brilliant celestial ornament burning like the rays of the Sun.
vrm.7.107 The audience being seated there and engaged in conversation with one another those two Muni boys began with the song enhancing the delight of all.
vrm.7.107 Thereupon being anxious to learn of the origin of the poem, the highly effulgent Rama asked the two Muni boys, saying.
vrm.7.107 "What is the proof of the story of this poem ?How great is his fame who has composed it ?What leading ascetic is the author of this great poem Rama?" having thus asked them those two Muni boys said The illustrious Valmiki is the author of this poem.
vrm.7.108 The great ascetic having said this, the highly powerful emissaries, approaching Rama, communicated unto him what the Muni had said.
vrm.7.116 O Muni, what is thy intention and by what high souled Rishi thou hast been sent here.

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