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vrm.1.39 Mother" Earth bewailed while she is ruptured with spears also that are similar to thunderbolts, besides with very gruelling ploughs.
vrm.1.40 To whom this Mother Earth belongs in all her entirety, he is that prescient Vasudeva, and she is also the consort of that Madhava, and that Vishnu eternally props up Mother Earth.
vrm.2.24 Oh, Mother! You always worship Gods by sacrificial fire and by flowers for my sake
vrm.2.30 Mother", father and teacher are at our own disposal.
vrm.2.41 Mother did not rejoice, for having got a son born for the first time.
vrm.2.44 Indeed, what handicaps are there for him in the forest or in Ayodhya? Rama the best among men will be installed on the throne soon along with the Mother Earth Sita the princess of Videha kingdom and Lakshmi Seeing Rama departing, all the people in Ayodhya smitten as they were with upsurge of grief shed tears born of agony.
vrm.3.66 This Mother Earth who is the mother of worlds and venerated by all animate and inanimate, oh, king of Kosala kingdom, even she undergoes tremors and earthquakes.
vrm.5.1 Mother of Nagas, Surasa, desiring to know the strength of Hanuma, spoke these words on seeing Him going away.
vrm.6.124 Mother and mother land are far superior to even the heaven.

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