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vrm.1.27 b, a "Thus, the missile which is very much liked by Gandharva s, namely Mohana, The Stupefier, the missile called Prasvapana The Inducer of Sleep, and the gentle Prashamana, The Pacifier of enemy s anger.
vrm.1.27 "Oh, highly fortunate Rama, takes these missiles namely, varshaNa, the Rainer, shoshana the Drainer, santaapana the Humidifier, vilaapana the Weep inducer, and oh, prince, an unassailable intoxicator and a dear missile of Manmatha, namely Mohana The Intoxicator, and another the fond missile of Gandharva s namely Manava by its name, The Humane missile, and oh, tigerly man, a missile dear one to Pishaaca s, monsters, namely paishaca The Monster missile.

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