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vrm.7.66 "O great one, do thou enter into the vital energy of Mitra and Varuna; and even then, O foremost of twice born ones, thou shalt not be born of a woman and being greatly pious shalt attain to the rank of a patriarch.
vrm.7.66 At that time Mitra in conjunction with Varuna was reigning in Varuna s kingdom being worshipped by all Devas.
vrm.7.66 Thereat Urvasi, with folded hands, said "O lord of Devas, Mitra himself has already invited me for the same.
vrm.7.66 Now my body is under the possession of Mitra but my mind is attached unto thine and thou art equally attached unto me.
vrm.7.66 Thereupon Urvasi approached Mitra.
vrm.7.67 "O foremsot of Raghus, there spang up two foremost Brahmin saints, from the vital energy discharged by the high souled Mitra and Varuna into the pot.
vrm.7.67 At first therefrom rose up the illustrious Rishi Agastya and saying I am not thine son" went away leaving Mitra.
vrm.7.67 Before the vital energy of Varuna was thrown into the pot Mitra discharged his own on Urvasi s account which was the source of Agastya s birth.
vrm.7.67 Into the pot in which Mitra s energy was discharged Varuni also put his own, and both the energies were mixed up.
vrm.7.67 Thereupon after some time from the energies of both Mitra and Varuna sprang up the effulgent Vasishta the priest of Ikshwakus.
vrm.7.96 O slayer of foes, by celebrating Rajasuya, Mitra attained to the dignity of Varuna.

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