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vrm.2.26 Men endowed with power and fortune indeed do not tolerate praise of others
vrm.2.64 Can Rama now touch me or approach me forth with? Men who attained the world of Yama cannot even see their kith and kin.
vrm.2.80 Men skilled in making roads, furnished with tools of every kin, seeking the company of men of their own proper place, marched ahead.
vrm.2.99 O Fie unto my birth and life! Rama the Lord of Men with great luster,has been overtaken by this misfortune
vrm.2.109 Men" that lived before you have performed many auspicious acts, abandoning all hopes of reward in this world as well as the next.
vrm.4.35 Men" of your kind having conscientiousness, oh, best one among men, do not hurriedly rush in and get clutched by their own rancour, unconscionably.
vrm.6.16 O, king! Men who forever speak pleasing words are easy to be obtained.
vrm.6.21 Men like you do not fall into the sway of anger.
vrm.6.63 Men" with brutal ideas, who are initiated in discussions, aspire to tell haughty things, without fully knowing the precepts of the scriptures.
vrm.6.128 Men with grains of rice mixed with turmeric and thereby appearing gold in colour, Cows, maidens along with brahmanas having balls of sweets in their hands, walked in front of Rama.

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