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vrm.4.42 "On ranging from that best Mountain Varaaha, whose caves are inlaid with gold deposits apparent to the naked eye, there is an entirely golden mountain containing waterfalls and rapids called Meghavanta.
vrm.4.42 "Listening the sonorous sounds of waterfalls and rapids of that mountain, and construing them to be the roars of their opponent beasts, the Elephants, wild Boars, Lions, and Tigers will always be facing that mountain and roaring proud heartedly all around it, by which that Mountain Meghavanta itself appears to be roaring, proud heartedly.
vrm.4.42 "On which mountain the distinguished Mahendra, whose Horses are green and who is the controller of Paka, is anointed by Gods as their king, such a mountain is this named Mountain Megha, or Mountain Meghavanta, which you have to scour.
vrm.4.42 "On going further from that best mountain ruled by Mahendra, namely Mountain Meghavanta, you shall go to the range of sixty thousand golden mountains.

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