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vrm.4.9 There was a fierce Rakshasa named Mayavi, the elder brother of Dundubhi and the son of one Rakshasa named Maya.
vrm.4.9 There was a great enmity between this Mayavi and Vali owing to some female.
vrm.4.9 He that Mayavi arrived at the doors of Kishkindha in a night when the people are sleeping, and blared very much inviting Vali for a fight.
vrm.4.10 b, a "You all are aware that earlier the gigantic and rancorous Rakshasa Mayavi invited me desiring a duel in that night.
vrm.4.10 "And that formidable Rakshasa Mayavi ran away as he was fraught with fear on seeing me with a second one at my side, and he speedily entered a great cavity of earth on seeing us two nearly reaching him.
vrm.4.19 While she is still trudging then she saw her husband who is the destroyer of arch Rakshasas like Mayavi and Dundubhi, and who never retreated in combats, but now fallen down on ground.
vrm.7.12 And on this wife of mine I have also begat two sons the first is Mayavi and the next Dundubhi.

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