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vrm.1.29 As such, oh, Vishnu, you may effectuate the most suitable merited deed for the welfare of Gods on resorting to your illusory power, Vishnu Maya, and on assuming the form of a dwarf to deal with Emperor Bali.
vrm.3.54 Or Ravana placed Seetha having black eyelashes but with full of sorrow and bewilderment, as if by some Asura Maaya of Maya (Note:- Maya once hed his lady love, an Apsara called Hema, in some Asura Black Hole (Maaya))
vrm.4.9 There was a fierce one named Mayavi, the elder brother of Dundubhi and the son of Maya.
vrm.4.43 "The mansion of the Danava Maya is there which is built by himself and that Mountain Mainaka is to be searched out, inclusive of its crests, grades and caves.
vrm.4.50 Tara have searched that province in southern direction that is encompassed with interlocked mountains, and during their search there they have observed a wide opened and impassable cavity known as Riksha cavity which is well guarded by a Danava called Maya.
vrm.4.51 b, a "A marvellous fantasist by name Maya was there, a bullish Asura of wizardry and by him with his phenomenal expertise all this golden woodland is constructed.
vrm.4.51 Indra", the Administrator of Worlds and destroyer of enemy citadels, on taking His Thunderbolt eliminated Maya, when that eminent Danava was engaged with an Apsara, a paradisiacal Apsara, called Hema.
vrm.4.53 Which month is set as timeframe for the Vanaras by king Sugreeva that month passed off while the Vanaras are searching mountains, impassable areas and within the cavity concocted by the wizardry of Maya.
vrm.4.53 "That highly impassable cavity is contrived by Maya and it is abundant with trees, water, eatables and potables, and there is no fear even from Indra in that cavity, nor from Raghava, nor from Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras.
vrm.4.54 "Indeed, once Indra thudded his Thunderbolt on this very underground illusory place, but that act was indeed a trivial deed for that Thunderbolt made a single Rakshasa sized aperture to eliminate a single Danava, Maya, which we now call Riksha bila, Black Hole, nevertheless Lakshmana will splinter whole of this Black Hole with his acute arrows, as if it is leafy bowl.
vrm.4.57 "During our search in that Black Hole, which was crafted by the wizardry of Maya, the month fixed by our king for our return has been elapsed.
vrm.5.7 Hanuma saw those houses of the ruler of Lanka, constructed by great effort as though constructed by Maya himself on earth with all best qualities.
vrm.6.7 Oh, the best of Rakshasas! By Maya, the lord of Asuras, Mandodari his daughter was given to you in marriage, due to fear from you and duly desiring your friendship.
vrm.6.12 Looking like an idol of gold and being placid She appears like an illusory image created by Maya.
vrm.6.100 Ravana, who was endowed with extraordinary splendour, started to release another cruel and terrific missile built by Maya the Asura, on Rama.
vrm.6.100 Thus saying, the greatly enraged Ravana roared and hurled towards Lakshmana, that unfailing spear, which was adorned with eight loudly clamouring bells, which had been designed by Maya by dint of his conjuring trick, capable of destroying adversaries and blazing as it was with splendour.
vrm.7.12 And having given her away, the Raksha was wandeing about for the purpose of hunting, when, Rama, he happened to see Diti s son, named Maya.
vrm.7.12 And seeing him accompanied by his daughter, that night ranger the Ten necked one asked him, saying, Who art thou that wanderest alone in this forest devoid of men as well as deer ?And art thou accompanied by this one having the eyes of a young deer Thereat Maya, O Rama, answered that night ranger, when he had asked this, Listen.
vrm.7.12 Thus accosted, O Rama, by that lord of Rakshasas, that Danava and foremost of Asuras, Maya, learning that he was the son of the Maharshi,Paulastya, there desired in his heat to give away his daughter to him.
vrm.7.12 And taking her hand with his own, Maya lord of Daityas laughing, said unto that lord of the Rakshasas, This daughter of mine, O king, borne by the Apsara, Hema, this my daughter named Mandodari do thou accept as thy wife.
vrm.7.12 Maya, O Rama, knew the curse of the sage touching him.
vrm.7.117 Thou didst, in thy pristine birth, beget me on Maya I am Kala, the destroyer of all.
vrm.7.117 Formerly when having slain all animals by thy Maya thou wert asleep in the waters of the mighty deep I was born.
vrm.7.123 Thou art above the range of thought; great immortal and imperishable; nobody knoweth thee save Maya, having wide eyes, thy former spouse.

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