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vrm.2.14 "At the very hour of sunrise, Matali Indra s charioteer praised Indra and the latter conquered all the Rakshasas.
vrm.2.40 Then, Sumantra the humble man, who was aware of humility, joined his palms and spoke these words to Rama even as Matali would to Indra.
vrm.6.102 Hearing their nectar like words, the illustrious Indra, then called Matali and spoke as follows: "Go quickly with my chariot to Rama, who is standing on the earth.
vrm.6.102 Hearing the words of Indra, Matali, the charioteer of Indra, offering salutation to him by bowing his head, spoke then the following words:
vrm.6.102 Ascending the chariot, as enjoined by Indra and descending from paradise, Matali approached Rama.
vrm.6.102 Then Matali, the charioteer of Indra, along with a whip in his hand, stayed in the chariot itself and joining his palms in salutation, spoke the following words to Rama.
vrm.6.102 Duly circumambulating that chariot as a mark of respect and offering his salutation, when thus spoken by Matali, Rama then ascended the chariot, causing the three worlds to shine forth with his splendour.
vrm.6.102 Tormenting Rama of unwearied action with thousand arrows, Ravana then pierced Matali with a multitude of arrows.
vrm.6.102 That Rama, the delight of Raghus, was quite enraged and took hold of that spear brought by Matali the charioteer, as desired by Indra
vrm.6.106 Seeing that chariot, releasing streams of arrows, like a cloud releasing streams of rain, with a noise equal to that of a bursting mountain, struck with a diamond, Rama after stretching his bow in a crescent shape, spoke to Matali, Indras charioteer as follows: O Matali! From the way in which the enemy is marching forward from left to right with a great speed in his chariot more, it appears that heart has been set by him upon destroying himself in the battle.
vrm.6.106 Extremely gratified with those words of Rama, that Matali the excellent charioteer of Gods drove on the chariot.
vrm.6.107 Directing towards Matali, Indra s charioteer, Ravana hurled arrows with a sound similar to that of a thunder bolt.
vrm.6.107 Arrows of great speed, fallen on Matali s body, did not cause even a pretty little of bewilderment or hurt on him in that battle.
vrm.6.107 Enraged at that daring attack on Matali, Rama who for his part did not feel provoked by the attack on himself, made his enemy turn away by hurling a net work of arrows on him.
vrm.6.107 Not beholding the victory of Rama in the combat between Rama and Ravana that great souled Matali, the charioteer of Indra quickly spoke the following words to Rama, who was still engaged in fighting.
vrm.6.108 Thereupon, Matali refreshed the memory of Rama as follows: "O the valiant one! Why are you still carrying out the battle with Ravana as though you are unaware of how to dispose of him?
vrm.6.108 Then, the valiant Rama, who was reminded thus by Matali, took hold of a blazing arrow, which was given by Brahma and which in turn was given to him by the glorious sage, Agastya earlier in the battle field and which looked like a hissing serpent.
vrm.6.112 Taking leave of the divine chariot, which had been given by Indra and which shone like fire, the mighty armed Rama respectfully saluted Matali.
vrm.6.112 As assented by Rama, Matali Indra s charioteer, mounting that divine chariot, ascended to the heaven itself.
vrm.6.112 When Matali ascended to heaven along with his chariot, Rama, the foremost one among the chariot warriors was highly rejoiced and embraced Sugreeva.
vrm.7.33 Thereupon Ravana s son began to assail, with shafts feathered in gold, his Jayanta s charioteer Gomukha, Matali s son.
vrm.7.33 Not beholding his son and observing the flight of the Devas the king of the Devas said to Matali "Bring my car.
vrm.7.33 By Matali was brought, the celestial, highly dreadful, huge and quick coursing chariot that was ready.

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