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vrm.7.18 Whereat king Marutta asked, him Who at thou ?And Ravana laughing in contempt said, O king, I am delighted, that lacking curiosity, thou dost not dishonour Ravana, younger brother unto the bestower of riches.
vrm.7.18 Thereat Marutta spoke unto Ravana, saying, Blessed for sooth at thou, by whom thy elder brother hath been vanquished in fight ;and a person so praisewothy there is not in the three worlds.
vrm.7.18 And that great sage said unto Marutta words informed with affection If thou hear my speech, thou shouldst not fight.
vrm.7.18 And thereupon, the lord of Earth Marutta desisted in consonance with the instructions of his spiitual preceptor; and composed addressed himself to completing the sacrifice, giving up his bow with the arrow set.
vrm.7.19 Having vanquished Marutta, that lord of Rakshasas the Ten faced one eager for encounter, began to range the capitals of the foremost monarchs.
vrm.7.103 Thereupon Samvarta s desciple, the royal saint Marutta, the conqueror of enemies cities, collected all articles for the sacrifice.

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