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vrm.6.52 Thereafter, Hanuman the son of Maruta the wind god, after breaking the chariot, destroyed the Rakshasas with trunks of trees furnished with their branches.
vrm.6.52 Having driven away the army of Rakshasas, Hanuma born of Maruta, breaking off the peak of a mountain, ran towards Dhumraksha.
vrm.6.56 Laughing heartily that Hanuman, the son of Maruta the wind god and possessing a great splendour, leapt on the Rakshasa, causing the earth to shake as it were.
vrm.6.56 That great Vanara, born of Maruta having encountered and killed the Rakshasas, enjoyed the same renown as Vishnu when he overcame the mighty and terrific Rakshasa of immense power destroying his enemies in the forefront of the battle.
vrm.6.59 The exceedingly energetic Hanuma, born of Maruta the god of wind, beholding this, rushed on Ravana in order to bring that rain of arrows to an end.

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