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vrm.1.70 And Shiighraga is the son of Agnivarsna, and Shiighraga s son is Maru and from Maru it is Prashushruka, and Ambarisha is the son of Prashushruka.
vrm.1.71 Haryashva" s son is Maru, and Maru s, son is Pratiindhaka, and the son of Pratiindhaka s is noble souled king Kiirtiratha.
vrm.2.110 Shiighraga begot Maru and Maru s son was Prashushruva from Prashushruva was born Ambarisha of that great radiance.
vrm.6.22 The place where the arrow, whose splendor was akin to that of a thunder and a thunder bolt, was descended by Rama that place is indeed famous as desert of Maru on this earth.
vrm.6.22 That desert of Maru became famous in the three worlds.
vrm.6.22 Rama the son of Dasaratha, a wise man and a valiant man resembling a celestial, made that cavity dried up and gave a boon to that desert of Maru.
vrm.6.22 Due to granting of a boon by Rama, that desert of Maru became the
vrm.7.13 And the Rakshasa caused a splendid and delightful pile to be built, adorned all round with pillars decked with gold and crystal, having stairs composed of Lapises,furnished with networks of small bells, set with ivory gateways, and containing daises dight with diamonds and crystal, elegant throughout, and enduring, like unto a goodly cave of Maru.

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