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vrm.1.18 Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,
vrm.2.4 "Oh, Rama! Astrologers are informing me that fearful planets like Sun, Mars and Rahu are encroaching my birth star.
vrm.3.25 Khara staying on his chariot in the thick of those Rakshasas appeared to be like coppery red planet Mars up shot in the thick of stars.
vrm.4.12 Then a very tumultuous and awful fight occurred between Vali and Sugreeva, which is like the awful fight between the planets Mercury and Mars in skies.
vrm.4.37 Millions and millions of Vanara s whose looks and deeds are gruesome, and who equal the planet Mars in their crimson flush, as they dwell on the hotbeds of Mountain Vindhya, have swiftly alighted from Mountain Vindhya.
vrm.5.57 names of Pushya and Shravana as swans, the clouds as its duck weeds the twin constellations the Punarvasus as its large fish, the planet Mars as its large alligator, a large island as Airavata, graced with a swan in the form of the constellation, Swati, having gales as its waves, the moon beams as its cool water and with the Nagas, Yakshas and Gandharvas as its full blown lotuses and water lilies.
vrm.6.24 Seetha whose eyes resemble those of a young deer, was detained by Ravana there as Rohini star is overshadowed by the red bodied planet Mars
vrm.6.54 Exhausted by the blows, spitting blood, those valiant warriors were like the planets Mars and Mercury.
vrm.6.76 Thus struck with Sugreevas fist, that Rakshasa fell down suddenly, as the planet Mars, of splendid rays, would drop down from the sky accidentally.
vrm.6.92 Though being kept back by his companions whose minds were set on his welfare, Ravana who was very much enraged, rushed like Mars, in the sky, which would rush towards the constellation, Rohini in fury.
vrm.6.92 Seeing Seetha miserably weeping in that manner like Rohini the deity presiding over a constellation of this name, fallen under the sway of the planet Mars, when away of the Moon god her husband, a minister called Suparshva, a good natured, upright and highly intelligent Rakshasa, even though restrained by other ministers, spoke the following words Ravana, the foremost of Rakshasas: "O Ravana, the younger brother of Kubera himself! How do you wish to kill Seetha, abandoning your righteousness, in a bout of anger?" "O valiant king of Rakshasas! Why are you thinking of destroying a lady, ever since you completed the vow of celibacy essential for a study of the Vedic lore and were devoted to your own duty?"
vrm.6.102 The Planet Mars stood assailing in the sky, the constellation Vishakha, presided over by Indra and Agni, which is adorned by the kings of Kosala.
vrm.6.126 Ravana", the Rakshasa, seized Seetha, even as a planet like Mars would obscure the constellation, Rohini.

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