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vrm.1.1 b, a "Then on hearing the slaughter of his cousins, Ravana is convulsed in anger and sought the help of a Rakshasa named Maricha.
vrm.1.1 b, a "But Maricha deterred Ravana telling him time and again, oh, Ravana, unpardonable will be your rivalry with that formidable Rama, formidable because fourteen thousand clansmen of ours could not triumph over him.
vrm.1.1 "Then heedless of Maricha s advice and ushered by the time of his own doom, Ravana advanced to the threshold of Rama s hermitage along with Maricha.
vrm.1.1 b, a Ravana" stole the wife of Rama, namely Seetha, by getting the princes Rama and Lakshmana distracted distantly from their hermitage through the trickster Maricha, and after putting the eagle Jatayu, which came to Seetha s rescue, to sword.
vrm.1.3 The killing Rakshasas like Khara, Trishirasa and the upsurge of Ravana thereby, and also killing Rakshasa Maricha, and Ravana s abduction of Vaidehi, likewise.
vrm.1.19 At the near end of almost completed ritual of mine two valiant and well trained Rakshasas, namely Maricha and Subaahu, are drenching the Altar of Fire with streams of meat and blood, from the sky.
vrm.1.20 even so, two very mighty Rakshasas called Maricha and Subaahu will cause devastating hindrances to rituals, instigated by him.
vrm.1.20 b, a Further, those saboteurs of your ritual namely Maricha and Subaahu,
vrm.1.20 b, a Maricha and Subaahu are well trained and valorous ones, hence I will proceed with all my friendly forces to war with either of those two Rakshasas, otherwise, I along with all my relatives implore upon you for your exoneration in my failure to comply my own promises.
vrm.1.24 b, a "Later at sometime, a Yaksha female who is a guise changer at her wish, possessor of the strength of a thousand Elephants, wife of clever Sunanda, and she whose son is Maricha, the one equal to Indra in his bravery, prevailed here, let you be safe Rama.
vrm.1.24 b, a "That Maricha is round shouldered, huge headed, cavernous mouthed, and gigantic bodied one, and he is always terrifying the people.
vrm.1.25 "Then after sometime that yakshii Tataka delivered an indomitable son named Maricha, who by curse became a Rakshasa.
vrm.1.25 "But when Sunda is eliminated by sage Agastya s curse, she that Tataka wished to retaliate that eminent sage along with her son Maricha.
vrm.1.25 "With desperation brewing in her she roaringly rushed towards the sage as though to eat him away, and on seeing her rushing along with her son Maricha towards him, the godly saint Agastya firstly cursed Maricha saying, you will attain Rakshasa hood.
vrm.1.30 Maricha and Subaahu are the monstrous Rakshasas that have come along with their followers and they have started to pour down spates of blood.
vrm.1.30 a Saying so that agile Rama fitted the very benign and highly radiant arrow Manava on his bow, and taking aim with it at Maricha that highly furious Raghava darted it on the chest of Maricha.
vrm.1.30 Cleanly hit with that great missile Manava, Maricha is pitched for a hundred Yojana lengths in full, and flung down into an ocean rocking with tidewaters.
vrm.3.31 On going to the hermitage of Maricha which is at a distant place Maricha the son of Tataka received Ravana and venerated that king of Rakshasas with sweetmeats and savouries that are unavailable to humans.
vrm.3.31 Offering proper seat and water for washing feet and hands Maricha personally attended Ravana and spoke to him this sentence that is worded meaningfully.
vrm.3.31 When Maricha said so to him that greatly radiant one who is a sententious speaker that Ravana thereafter spoke this sentence.
vrm.3.31 On hearing the words of that chief of Rakshasas, Maricha spoke these words, "who broached the subject of Seetha with you, an enemy in the fakery of a friend? Oh, tigerly Rakshasa, who is that censurable one that is unhappy with you, since he is giving such a self ruinous advise?
vrm.3.31 Thus Maricha spoke to Ravana.
vrm.3.31 When thus said by Maricha that ten faced Ravana returned to his city Lanka and entered his best house and home.
vrm.3.35 At that place Ravana saw the Rakshasa named Maricha, wearing jute clothes and black Deerskin and tufts of hairs, and the one with regulated diet.
vrm.3.35 That Rakshasa Maricha welcomed the king Ravana and customarily entertained him catering all the offerings that are beyond the scope of humans.
vrm.3.35 On personally offering meals and drinking water, and venerating him properly Maricha spoke this sentence to Ravana which is connotative of significance.
vrm.3.35 When Maricha spoke to him thus, that highly radiant and eloquent Ravana then afterwards spoke this sentence to Maricha.
vrm.3.36 "Give attention to my words as I speak, oh, sire, Maricha, I am an anguished one, and when I am in such an anguish you are the ultimate course to me, isn t so.
vrm.3.36 Thus Ravana started addressing Maricha.
vrm.3.36 b, a "Oh, highly powerful Maricha, with you and with my brothers standing by my side as my associates, I indeed care a damn for all of the Gods if they are going to wage a war against me, therefore, oh, Rakshasa Maricha, as you are capable of rendering aid you should indeed become my aide in this venture.
vrm.3.36 Thus Ravana requested Maricha.
vrm.3.36 On listening the very word of Rama that honest souled Maricha s mouth is completely dried up, and he is fully frightened.
vrm.3.36 Maricha s heart sank with scare as he is aware of Rama s valour when he was in the great forest of Tataka, thus suppliantly making palm fold he started telling about factuality of Rama to Ravana, which is beneficial both to Ravana and to himself, as well, if only Ravana is heedful of it.
vrm.3.37 On hearing that idea of the chief of Rakshasas Ravana in abducting Seetha, Maricha, a well informed one and an articulator spoke to the lord of Rakshasas in reply.
vrm.3.38 Thus Maricha started to narrate his experience with Rama.
vrm.3.38 b, a An awesome dismay has befallen owing to this Maricha, oh, lord of people Dasharatha, let Rama safeguard me becoming alert at the opportune time of the Vedic ritual.
vrm.3.38 Maybe your army is a remarkable one, oh, enemy inflamer, let it sit tight here alone, and even if this great resplendent one is still a boy he alone is competent to forestall that Maricha, hence oh, enemy subjugator, let good betide you, I wish to take him alone along with me.
vrm.3.38 Thus, Maricha spoke to Ravana.
vrm.3.39 Thus Maricha continued his advise to Ravana.
vrm.3.40 When Maricha spoke those acceptable and equitable words, Ravana rejected them like a person with a death wish rejects medicament.
vrm.3.40 Ushered by the Terminator the king of Rakshasas Ravana, uncouthly spoke these unbefitting words to Maricha who had been speaking conducive and beneficial words of advise.
vrm.3.40 "Or else, oh, Maricha, even if a beneficial word is said, but if it is said with reprehension it will not gladden that king who insists upon honour, for that said word is dishonourable, let alone reprehension.
vrm.3.40 "Oh, Rakshasa, on carrying out this stint in this manner you may go as you like, and to you oh, Maricha with solemn vows, I will grant half of my kingdom.
vrm.3.40 "If you are not going to do so, oh, Maricha, for sure I will kill you now itself.
vrm.3.40 Thus Ravana spoke to Maricha.
vrm.3.41 When Ravana perversely ordered that way in all his kingliness, Maricha spoke these words caustically and frankly to that king of Rakshasas.
vrm.3.42 Maricha though curtly said in that way, then afraid of the king of night walkers he became self pitying, and said to Ravana, let us go.
vrm.3.42 So said Maricha to Ravana.
vrm.3.42 By that word of Maricha Rakshasa Ravana is very much gladdened and he spoke this sentence tightly hugging him.
vrm.3.42 "This word of yours shows your obduracy for you are abiding under the control of my dictate, and though you were a different night walker earlier, henceforth you are really the good old Maricha.
vrm.3.42 Thus Ravana said to Maricha.
vrm.3.42 Tataka s son Maricha said "All right" to Ravana, and then both Ravana and Maricha mounted the chariot as they would emplane an Aircraft and swiftly journeyed from the surroundings of Maricha s hermitage.
vrm.3.42 b, a On reaching Dandaka forest along with Maricha the king of Rakshasas Ravana has then seen the hermitage of Raghava.
vrm.3.42 b, a Alighting the chariot that is decorated with golden ornaments Ravana then spoke this sentence to Maricha taking his hand into his.
vrm.3.42 Thus Ravana hastened Maricha.
vrm.3.42 b, a "And on hearing Ravana s words Rakshasa Maricha then became a deer and indeed ambled freely in the frontage of Rama s hermitage.
vrm.3.42 b, a Thus that Rakshasa Maricha emerged like a highly splendorous and fascinating deer in a wink highly irradiating those woodlands, and the threshold of Rama s hermitage in particular.
vrm.3.42 b, a Even that Rakshasa in the deer s semblance Maricha, though indulged in killing those forest animals, and though the other animals are touching him, he is not killing and eating them indulgently, only for the reason of camouflaging his present nature of Rakshasa hood.
vrm.3.43 But Lakshmana became incredulous on seeing it and said to Rama, "I believe this deer to be that Maricha, the Rakshasa.
vrm.3.43 "Oh, Rama, when kings engaged in hunting games were delightedly moving in the forest, this Maricha killed many of them resorting to many disguises, for he is a guise changer by his wish.
vrm.3.43 Maricha" is an expert in many wiles and he has now assumed the form of this Golden Deer, oh, manly lion, which is not more than the scintillating city of Gandharva s, a city of wiles, which any trickster can create to make believe.
vrm.3.43 "If this deer is Maricha, this heinous and vicious souled Rakshasa has indeed tortured many eminent sages earlier when was on the prowl in the forests, thus he is eliminable.
vrm.3.44 b, a In a wink Rama could proximately see that Maricha who transformed himself into the Golden Deer, and again in a flash he appeared distantly.
vrm.3.44 Nightwalker Maricha has further maddened Rama in the guise of Golden Deer by reappearing in his close by, surrounded with other animals of the forest.
vrm.3.44 a On very profoundly impaling the body of deer s form that superb arrow which is similar to a thunderbolt has severed the heart of Maricha in the core of deer s body.
vrm.3.44 b, a Then Maricha is highly frenzied as his lifespan is minimised, blared a blaring shriek, vaulted up to a height of palm tree, and fell down onto the ground.
vrm.3.44 b, a Maricha on his part abandoned the body of Golden Deer when he is dying.
vrm.3.44 When Rama s incomparable arrow has indeed shattered his crucial organ, namely the heart, in a downright manner, then Maricha assumed a very massive physique of a Rakshasa, abandoning the form of Golden Deer.
vrm.3.44 "This is the trickery of Maricha which Lakshmana vouchsafed earlier, that has indeed happened in that way alone, and the one whom I have killed now is none other than Maricha.
vrm.3.45 b, a "Evidently it is not the voice of Rama, nor that of any other god, but someone mimicked that voice for chicanery, and that must be the illusory voice of that Rakshasa Maricha, similar in effect to the magical city of Gandharva s usually created by magicians in general.
vrm.3.57 Rama on killing that Rakshasa Maricha, who is a guise changer at his wish and who moved about in the guise of a deer, instantly started to return on the trail by which he trailed after that deer Rakshasa.
vrm.3.57 On hearing that threatening and hair raising howl of jackal Rama is overly threatened just by the tone of Fox in which it is foreboding, inasmuch as the forbidding intoning of Maricha.
vrm.3.57 "On knowing the nature of my voice Maricha in the semblance of a deer yelled out mimicking my voice.
vrm.3.57 "As could be seen from Maricha s becoming a Golden Deer only to sidetrack and take me away from hermitage, his becoming a Rakshasa when hit with an arrow, and his shouting words indeed like, ha, Lakshmana, ha, Seetha, I am killed, the Rakshasas are collectively intending to do away with Seetha.
vrm.3.58 "That impostor and highly impudent Rakshasa Maricha who shouted loudly as, oh, Lakshmana, might have caused fear even in you in everyway.
vrm.3.59 Oh, auspicious lady, it is unbefitting for you to panic, like lowly womenfolk who will be frivolously panicking for flimsy reasons, for the words like save me, shouted by some Rakshasa, who may conceivably be Maricha.
vrm.4.42 Sugreeva ordered the superb Vanara son of great sage Maricha, called Arcishman, to western direction, who is a surrounded with exceptional and braving Vanaras, a coequal to Indra in his resplendence, endowed with brilliance and bravery and whose speed equals that of the son of Vinata, namely Garuda, the Eagle vehicle of Vishnu.
vrm.4.42 the other vanara sons of Sage Maricha, known as Arcishmaalyaa s, also called as Maricha s.
vrm.5.26 "While Rama was heedless taken away by Maricha, I who have been crying was forcibly brought overpowered by the Rakshasa Ravana who can wear desired form.
vrm.6.67 That Kumbhakarna of great splendour, as though bursting the hearts of all the Vanaras, laughed unnaturally as also awfully and spoke the following words to Rama: I am neither to be considered as Viradha nor Kabandha nor Khara nor Vali nor Maricha.
vrm.6.107 Thought equipped with many arrows and well versed with all kinds of missiles, the valiant Rama, the augmentor of Kausalya s joy, then became thoughtful said to himself as follows: "What is the reason, these arrows by which Maricha, Khara, Dushana, Kabandha in Krauncha forest, and Viradha in Dandaka forest were killed, by which seven Sala trees and the mountains were burst, by which Vali was killed and the ocean shaken up all these arrows which provided immediate succour to me in battle, have proved of little efficacy in the case of Ravana.
vrm.6.111 "The advices offered by Maricha, Kumbhakarna, myself and my father have not been heeded by you, who were arrogant of your prowess.
vrm.6.124 "O Rama, devoted to virtue! Even the appearance of Maricha, the abduction of Seetha by Ravana, the sight of Kabandha, your arrival at the Pampa lake, your alliance with Sugreeva, how Vali was killed by you, the search operation for Seetha, the exploit of Hanuma, the tracing of Seetha, how the bridge, Nalasetu was constructed over the sea, how the City of Lanka was set fire by the rejoiced Vanara chiefs, how that Ravana who was the thorn in the side of Gods and how was arrogant of his might, was killed in battle, with his sons kinsfolk and his ministers as the Gods happened, how a boon was conferred by them on you all this is known to me by virtue of my asceticism.
vrm.6.126 Disguised in the form of a deer studded with precious stones, a terrific Rakshasa by name, Maricha, a follower of Ravana, allured Seetha.
vrm.7.11 He, with his ministers, Maricha, Prahasta, Virupaksha, Mahodara and other mighty Rakshasas came to see Ravana.
vrm.7.14 Accompanied by his six counsellors Mahodara and Prahasta, Maricha, Suka and Sarana, and the heroic Dhumraksha eager for encounter the graceful Ravana, elated with his strength sallied out, as if consuming all creatures with his wrath.
vrm.7.14 And wounded in the conflict by Sanyodhakantaka with his discus, as if by Vishnu hismself, Maricha toppled down to the ground from the mountain, like unto a planet whose merit hath waned, And in a moment regaining his consciousness and resting for a while, that night ranger fought with the Yaksha ;and thereat, on being defeated, he fled.
vrm.7.15 And O king, in the twinkling of an eye Maricha, waxing wroth and eagar for encounter brought down two thousand of enemy s soldiers.
vrm.7.15 Thus reprimanded by him, his Ravana s councillors, headed by Maricha, on beingstruck, took to their heels.
vrm.7.16 And the lord of Rakshasas, could not comprehend how the car which had been so made as to course in accordance with the wish of the rider, could have its course impeded ;and thereat he in company with his councillors thought, Wherefore doth not this Pushpaka course at my desire over this mountain ?Whose act is this Thereat Maricha foremost of intelligent ones said, That Pushpaka doth not course cannot, sire, be without cause; or it may be that in consequence of Pushpaka not having born;: any other than the bestower of riches, it hath ceased its course not having the lord of wealth for its rider.
vrm.7.19 And brought down by Anaranya, his Ravana s councillors Maricha, Suka, and Sarana with Prahasta, took to their heels like unto dear.
vrm.7.23 And hailing him with victory, the councillors headed by Maricha, having been encouraged by Ravana, ascended Pushpaka.
vrm.7.32 And encircled by Maricha, Prahasta, Mahaparshva, Mahodara, Akampana, Nikumbha, Suka, Sarana, Sanghrada, Dhumaketu, Mahadangstra, Gathodara, Jambumali, Mahahrada, Virupaksha, Suptaghna, Yajnakopa, Durmukha, Khara, Trisira, Karaveeraksha, Suryashatru Mahakaya, Atikaya, Devantaka, Narantaka, all those gifted with great prowess, there entered the battle field, the highly powerful Sumalin, Ravana s maternal grandfather.
vrm.7.37 Beholding Prahasta fallen, Maricha, Suka, Sarana, Mahodara and Dhrumakshya led away from the battle field.

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