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vrm.2.7 Brahmans with flowers and sweets in their hands were chanting Mantras.
vrm.6.10 Vibhishana of great strength, saw Brahmins who know Mantras sacred texts and Brahmanas, respected and offered with pots filled of curd, clarified butter as well as with flowers and unbroken rice.
vrm.6.10 Even if the sacrificial fire is fed with oblations while uttering a proper set of Mantras Spiritual texts, the fire is not flaring up well, emitting sparks, its flames are enveloped in smoke and are coming forth, polluted with soot.
vrm.6.57 Then, the Rakshasas who were ready for the battle, delightedly wore garlands of different shapes, consecrated by certain Mantras sacred formulas.
vrm.7.79 And giving Kusa sanctified by Mantras unto the hands of elderly women he said, "do ye rub the person of the elder boy with these and giving them Lava he said "do ye rub the person of the younger brother with this.

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