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vrm.1.25 "Oh, Rama, the protector of people, we have heard that Indra once eliminated Manthara, the daughter of Virochana, when she wished to annihilate earth, haven t we.
vrm.2.7 Manthara, a housemaid who was residing with Kaikeyi since her birth, accidentally ascended the balcony of Kaikeyi s white palace, which resembled the full moon.
vrm.2.7 Manthara, from that balcony, saw the entire city of Ayodhya, with all its principal roads being sprinkled with water and strewn with heaps of flowers.
vrm.2.7 Manthara further saw from that balcony the city decorated with the best of flags and banners.
vrm.2.7 Manthara asked a house maid with bright pleasing eyes and wearing white silk clothes standing nearby, as follows: "Why is Kausalya giving away money to people so delightfully today in charity, eventhough she is badly lured of money?" "Why are people so happy today? Is the king duly pleased with something, doing any great act? Tell me.
vrm.2.7 That housemaid, bursting with joy, told Manthara in a great gladdening tone about the great honor to be conferred upon Rama.
vrm.2.7 After hearing the words of that maid, Manthara quickly with wrath walked down from the roof of the palace, which was in the shape of mount Kailasa.
vrm.2.7 Manthara of sinful thought burning with anger, approached Kaikeyi who was lying on a bed and spoke these words:
vrm.2.7 Kaikeyi was very much worried after hearing hard words spoken with anger by Manthara of sinful thoughts.
vrm.2.7 Kaikeyi asked the hunch backed Manthara as follows "O, Manthara! Are you not safe? You appear to be very sorrowful with your worried face".
vrm.2.7 After hearing Kaikeyi s sweet words, Manthara who was an expert in talking, spoke with anger.
vrm.2.7 That Manthara, who was full of cunning, feigning to be seeking Kaikeyi s welfare, appeared more worried, and making Kaikeyi sorrowful, spoke the following, to create hostility between Rama and Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.7 Hearing Manthara s words, that Kaikeyi of charming countenance who was lying in bed, rose from her coach full of delight like unto the crescent moon in autumn.
vrm.2.7 That Kaikeyi in the midst of her astonishment and joy gave a graceful jewel to the hunch backed Manthara.
vrm.2.7 Kaikeyi, the best among women, gave a jewel to Manthara and spoke to her as follows:
vrm.2.7 "Oh, Manthara! You informed much gladdening news to me.
vrm.2.7 "O, Manthara! You do merit every favor.
vrm.2.8 Manthara, becoming indignant with Kaikeyi, threw down the ornament given to her and with anger and distress spoke the following words: "O, foolish one! Not knowing that you are in the midst of an ocean of trouble, what is it that you are so delighted about, in a matter to be grieved?" "Oh, queen! Though stricken with grief, I mentally laugh at you in that you are rejoicing at the time when a great calamity is befalling you.
vrm.2.8 Hearing Manthara speak thus in many distasteful words, Kaikeyi began to extol Rama s virtues, saying:
vrm.2.8 "Oh, Manthara! When we got an occasion for rejoicing as at present and when a festive occasion is to come off in future too in the form of Bharata s installation, no matter even if it comes after a hundred years, why do you feel agonized like this as though burning with jealousy?" "For me, Rama is as lovable as Bharata and even more.
vrm.2.8 Manthara, after hearing Kaikeyi s words, felt very sad and after a long and hot sigh, spoke to her the following words: "On one side, you are getting immersed in an ocean of sorrow filled with misery and danger.
vrm.2.9 After hearing those words, Kaikeyi with her face burning with anger, had a long and hot sigh and spoke to Manthara as follows: "Now itself, I shall send Rama quickly to forest.
vrm.2.9 "O Manthara! What is the means by which Bharata will get the kingdom but Rama will not get it by any method.
vrm.2.9 After hearing her words, the sinful thinking Manthara, spoke thus to Kaikeyi to destroy Rama s benefit of kingdom.
vrm.2.9 After hearing Manthara s words, Kaikeyi slightly rose from the well laid bed and spoke the following "O Manthara! Tell me the trick by which Bharata will get the kingdom and Rama will not get it under any circumstances.
vrm.2.9 After hearing Kaikeyi s words, the sinful thinking, hunch backed Manthara, spoke thus, with an intention to destroy Rama s benefit of kingdom.
vrm.2.9 Kaikeyi, being brain washed an unworthy matter as the most worthy matter by Manthara, accepted her well and having delighted, spoke to her as follows: Though of right thinking in nature, Kaikeyi was very much surprised to hear Manthara s words and like a small girl, got into a wrong path.
vrm.2.9 Oh, Manthara! You are telling very good things.
vrm.2.9 Oh, Manthara! you always show interest in my well being and wish for my benefit.
vrm.2.9 Oh, Manthara! with perfect hips and well rounded breasts and with your face like an untainted moon you are shining well.
vrm.2.9 Oh, Manthara! your waist decorated with golden belt is making sound.
vrm.2.9 Oh, Manthara! you are splendid like a royal swan walking before me, with long thighs are wearing a silk sari.
vrm.2.9 Oh Manthara! When Rama goes to forest and Bharata gets kingdom, I shall adore this hunch back with a golden garland.
vrm.2.9 Oh, Manthara! After accomplishing the benefit desired by me, I shall, with delight, get your hunch back anointed with well refined gold of good quality.
vrm.2.9 Oh, Manthara! I shall get beautiful ornaments made and for your forehead auspicious dots of variety done of pure gold.
vrm.2.9 Manthara in this way being praised spoke these words to Kaikeyi, who was lying in a clean couch like a flame of fire upon the sacrificial altar.
vrm.2.9 By surrendering to the words of Manthara and having been thus encouraged by her, Kaikeyi who was of wide eyes, who was proud of her intoxicating beauty, who was a gifted woman and a queen, removed pearl necklace worth in lacs and other great valuable auspicious ornaments from her body, entered the chamber of wrath along with Manthara, lied on the floor there like a golden wire and spoke to Manthara as follows: "After Rama s going to the forest, Bharata shall get the kingdom.
vrm.2.9 Afterwards, that Manthara again spoke to the seriously talking mother of Bharata that is Kaikeyi the following words which were beneficial to her and not beneficial in relation to Rama.
vrm.2.9 Having thus hit by arrows of words employed by Manthara again and again, Kaikeyi felt sad, was angry with the king, by keeping hands on her heart, was surprised with the cleverness of Manthara and praised her time and again.
vrm.2.9 Oh Manthara! Either you have to inform the king, of having seen me going to the world of death from here or when Rama left for the forest, Bharata becomes the fulfiller of his desire.
vrm.2.10 Having been thus wrongly preached by that sinful Manthara.
vrm.2.10 The skilful Kaikeyi, after deciding in mind what ought to be done told it all slowly to Manthara.
vrm.2.10 Being stupefied by the words of Manthara, that Kaikeyi became dejected, made firm resolve, with deep and warm sigh, like a maiden serpent and thought for that moment about the ways which can lead to her happiness.
vrm.2.10 Manthara, who is Kaikeyi s companion and who is desirous of getting benefit, heard of Kaikeyi s firm resolve and became very much pleased as if she achieved success.
vrm.2.78 While Shatrughna the younger brother of Lakshmana was talking thus, the hump backed Manthara duly adorned with all types of ornaments, appeared at the eastern gate.
vrm.2.78 Studded with bright coloured girdle bands and many other excellent ornaments, Manthara appeared like a female Vanara tied with ropes!
vrm.2.78 Beholding that hump backed Manthara, the very much sinful and insensitive woman, the door keepers caught her and delivered her to Shatrughna with the following words: "Here is that sinful and cruel woman, by whose act Rama is in the forest and your father has laid down his body.
vrm.2.78 While that Manthara was violently dragged, here various colourful ornaments were scattered asunder here and there on the floor.
vrm.2.78 Hearing the words of Bharata, Shatrughna the younger brother of Lakshmana renouncing his guilty design forthwith released that Manthara.
vrm.2.78 Manthara fell at the feet of Kaikeyi, breathless, weeping piteously.
vrm.2.103 Abusing Kaikeyi and Manthara, those people turned up with their faces bathed in tears.
vrm.6.92 "Woe be to the unfaithful hunch back Manthara, of sinful resolve, on whose consequence, Kausalya will get this grief.

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