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vrm.6.19 He defeated Manibhadra in a battle on the mountain of Kailasa.
vrm.7.15 Seeing the foremost of the Yakshas by thousands undergoing trepidation, the lord of riches spoke unto a mighty Yaksha Manibhadra, O foremost of Yakshas, slay the wicked Ravana, set on sin; and do thou thus become the refuge of those heroic Yakshas, who are carrying on the conflict.
vrm.7.15 Thus addressed, the mighty armed and invincible Manibhadra, surrounded by four thousahd Yakshas began the fight.
vrm.7.15 And Dhumracksha, confronting Manibhadra in the mighty conflict hit him at the chest with a bludgeon ;but he did not move thereat.
vrm.7.15 And then Manibhadra dealt the Rakshasa a blow with his mace ;and thereat Dhumraksha smit at the head fell down senseless on the ground.
vrm.7.15 And seeing Dhumrakhsa wounded and down, bathed in blood, the Ten necked one rushed at Manibhadra in the encounter.
vrm.7.15 And on being thus hit, Ravana struck at Manibhadra s head; and at that stroke his crown was depressed at one side.
vrm.7.15 And on the high souled Manibhadra having been baffled, a great uproar, O king, rose in that mountain.

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