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vrm.1.70 Dhundumaara begot a highly glorious and a speediest charioteer Yuvanasva as son, and Mandhata emerged as the son of
vrm.1.70 Mandhata engendered the highly noble Susandhi as son, and even Susandhi engendered two sons, namely Dhruvasandhi and Prasenajit.
vrm.2.110 "The illustrious Mandhata was born as a son to Yuvanasva.
vrm.2.110 To Mandhata was born the hero, Susandhi.
vrm.4.18 "When a renouncer has committed sin like that of the one committed by you, my venerable ancestor Mandhata has given punishment which he desired.
vrm.7.26 There is a highly powerful king the lord of Seven islands, well known by the name of Mandhata; he shall enter into an encounter with thee.
vrm.7.26 Hearing the words of Ravana, the sage again said The son of Yavanashwa hath conquered the world consisting of seven islands begining with the sea; Mandhata, the foremost of kings, is just coming to meet him.
vrm.7.26 Thereupon Ravana having long arms, proud of the boon conferred upon him in the three worlds, beheld the heroic Mandhata, the lord of Ayodhya and the foremost of kings.
vrm.7.26 Hearing the words of Mandhata, Ravana said Ravana did not experience any affliction from Varuna Kubera or Yama ;why should he experience fear from thee, who art a man ?"Having said this, the lord of Rakshasas as if burning in fire, ordered the Rakshasas irrepressible in battle.
vrm.7.26 Thereupon the highly powerful king Mandhata, with sharpened shafts, assailed Prahasta, Suka, Sarana, Mahodara, Virupaksha, Akampana and other foremost heroes.
vrm.7.26 Like unto fire burning down grass, the host of Rakshasas were burnt down by the king Mandhata by means of hundreds of Bhushundis, Vallas, Vindipalas and Tomaras.
vrm.7.26 As Kartikeya, the son of fire, sundered the mount Krauncha with his shafts so Mandhata, enraged, pierced Prahasta with five Tomaras gifted with great velocity.
vrm.7.26 Like unto the rising of the waters of the Salt ocean on the full moon, the king Mandhata s joy and strength were greatly increased.
vrm.7.26 Thereat speedily regaining his sense, Ravana, a terror unto all people, the lord of Lanka, greatly assailed the person of Mandhata.
vrm.7.26 And possessed by great anger they began to assail one another with shafts Mandhata Ravana and he again the king.
vrm.7.26 And setting the Raudra shaft upon his bow Ravana discharged it and Mandhata baffled it by means of his fiery shafts.
vrm.7.26 Dasagriva took up the Gandharva weapon and the king Mandhata the Brahmastra stricking terror unto all.
vrm.7.26 Being apprised of this conflict by vitue of meditation the two foremost of ascetics Pulastya and Galava remonstrated with them in many a way and prevented the king Mandhata and the foremost of Rakshasas.
vrm.7.67 He was called Mandhata?? for he originated from Manthana ;he was called Janaka for his having sprung up from Janan and Vaideha having been born from Videha.
vrm.7.80 O descendant of Raghu, Lavana hath accomplished many works by this dart; amongst them, hear, what Mandhata, born in the race of Ikshwaku, did.
vrm.7.80 The early king of Ayodhya as known over the three worlds under the name of Mandhata.
vrm.7.80 Having brought the whole world under his subjection the king Mandhata engaged in the conquest of the celestial region.
vrm.7.80 With this promise, the king Mandhata went up into the celestial region so that he would occupy the half of Indra s throne and kingdom and the Devas would adore him.
vrm.7.80 Indra having said this, the high souled Mandhata replied: O Sakra, who on this earth, hath disobeyed my commands ?"Whereto Indra replied "O sinless one, the night ranger, Lavana, Madhu s son, living in Madhuvana, is not under thy control.
vrm.7.80 On the other hand inding the delay of his return tke king Mandhata, enraged, began to assail the Rakshasa Lavana with arrows from all sides.
vrm.7.80 In this wise the high souled king Mandhata, with his huge army, was slain.
vrm.7.80 O king, with great exertions did Lavana slay Mandhata and not easily.

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