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vrm.1.27 "Oh, highly fortunate Rama, takes these missiles namely, varshaNa, the Rainer, shoshana the Drainer, santaapana the Humidifier, vilaapana the Weep inducer, and oh, prince, an unassailable intoxicator and a dear missile of Manmatha, namely Mohana The Intoxicator, and another the fond missile of Gandharva s namely Manava by its name, The Humane missile, and oh, tigerly man, a missile dear one to Pishaaca s, monsters, namely paishaca The Monster missile.
vrm.1.27 "Oh, manly tiger Rama, greatly powered taamasa and saumana missiles, the indomitable missiles like samvarta, mausala, satya, and then the maaya maya missile like that oh, mighty armed Rama, a solar missile the sequestrator of others brilliance namely teja prabha next, the missile of Moon god named shishira The Cooler and a very deadly missile of tvaSTa namely sudaamana and even the dangerous missile of bhaga namely shita isu, these and the Manava missile of Manu, the earliest ruler of mankind, I will be giving.
vrm.1.30 Lakshmana", I am reluctant to eliminate this kind of these ill behaved and raw flesh eating Rakshasas, but no doubt, they will be puffed out with Manava missile like a gust puffing thick clouds, you may see.
vrm.1.30 a Saying so that agile Rama fitted the very benign and highly radiant arrow Manava on his bow, and taking aim with it at Maricha that highly furious Raghava darted it on the chest of Maricha.
vrm.1.30 Cleanly hit with that great missile Manava, Maricha is pitched for a hundred Yojana lengths in full, and flung down into an ocean rocking with tidewaters.
vrm.1.30 Lakshmana", see the Cold arrow belonging to Manava missile expounded by Manu which is taking him away on baffling, but without taking away his life.

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