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vrm.5.54 Leaving the house of Vibhishana, Hanuma of great splendour, went successively to the houses of Rashmiketu, Surya shatru, Hrasvakarna, Damshtra, Romasha the Rakshasa, Yuddhonmatta, Matta, Dhvajagreeva the Rakshasa, the terrific Vidyujjihva, Hastimukha, Karala, Pishacha, Shonitaksha, Kumbhakarna, Makaraksha, Yajnashatru, Brahmashatru, Narantaka, Kumbha as also the evil minded Nikumbha and burnt the houses.
vrm.6.77 Then, while the roaring Nikumbha was killed in battle by Hanuma, there ensued an exceedingly terrific struggle between the enraged Rama and Makaraksha, son of Khara, a ruler of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.78 Engulfed with both anger and sorrow, Ravana ordered the wide eyed Makaraksha, the son of Khara as follows:
vrm.6.78 Hearing Ravanas words, Makaraksha, the son of Khara, thinking himself as a hero, was rejoiced and assured Ravana that he would do it certainly as commanded.
vrm.6.78 Having respectfully saluted, even by performing circumambulation, the mighty Makaraksha, by the orders of Ravana, came forth from these shining palace of Ravana.
vrm.6.78 Makaraksha the son of Khara asked the commander of an army who was in the vicinity to bring a chariot and the army swiftly.
vrm.6.78 Walking clockwise round the chariot and ascending it, Makaraksha asked the charioteer to drive forward the chariot quickly to the battle field.
vrm.6.78 Then Makaraksha spoke the following words to those Rakshasas, O Rakshasas! All of you begin your fight before my presence.
vrm.6.78 Hearing those words of Makaraksha, all those strong Rakshasas, wielding various kinds of weapons, were steadfast to fight.
vrm.6.78 Those cruel Rakshasas, who can change their forms at will, who had protruding tusks, had tawny coloured eyes, had their disheveled hair, creating terror with their colossal bodies, then marched forward like roaring Elephants, shaking the firmament and surrounded the huge bodied Makaraksha.
vrm.6.78 At the time of marching of that dreadful and evil minded Makaraksha, a harsh and fearful dust storm blew forth.
vrm.6.79 Tormented by Makaraksha with a multitude of arrows, all the Vanaras were bewildered in mind, agonized with fear and ran away.
vrm.6.79 Seeing Rama thus interrupting the Rakshasas, Makaraksha, the Rakshasa, engrossed in a fire of anger, spoke the following words:
vrm.6.79 Hearing the words of Makaraksha, Rama the son of Dasaratha laughingly spoke the following words to him, who was still talking further and further without interruption.
vrm.6.79 Hearing Rama s words, the mighty Makaraksha discharged a multitude of arrows on that Rama in the battle field.
vrm.6.79 That battle raged furiously, on their meeting each other there, between Makaraksha the son of Khara the Rakshasa and Rama the son of Dasaratha.
vrm.6.79 That Makaraksha the Rakshasa, bereft of his chariot, stood on the ground.
vrm.6.79 Rama broke, by his four arrows, that flaming spike coming forth from Makaraksha s arm and rushing towards him in the sky.
vrm.6.79 Seeing that spike destroyed, Makaraksha the Rakshasa, rising his fist, called out to Rama, saying "Wait, Wait!".
vrm.6.79 Then, seeing Makaraksha rushing towards him, that Rama the delight of Raghu dynasty, while smiling, fitted to his bow, a mystic missile presided over by fire.
vrm.6.79 Seeing the fall of Makaraksha, all those Rakshasas, tormented by the fear of Rama s arrows, ran away straight to Lanka.
vrm.6.80 On hearing Makaraksha having been killed, Ravana who had been ever victorious in battle, grinding his teeth in rage, reflected on what to do then and there, and as greatly furious as he was, instructed Indrajit, his son to proceed to the battle field.
vrm.6.123 Makaraksha, the most difficult Rakshasa to be attacked, was struck down by me in this battle field.

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