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vrm.2.14 Oh, Majesty, like the sun from mount Meru.
vrm.2.102 Hearing Rama s words, Bharata replied as follows: "What will the discharge of royal duties amount to me, who is outside of that code?" "O, the foremost of men! O, Majesty! It has been ever the established tradition in us that while the elder son is there, the younger one cannot become a king.
vrm.4.23 Now where is that treasured golden pendant of yours which the king of Gods gave to you when he is satisfied with your conduct in wars, I don t see it? Majesty is not deserting you even if your lives have departed, oh, accorder of dignity, as with the sunshine that departs the sun while he circumnavigates Mountain Meru, which mount is supposed to overshadow everything by its vastness.

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