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vrm.1.32 "Great resplendent Kushamba built the city named Kaushambii for his part, and for his part the virtue souled Kushanaabha built a city named Mahodaya.
vrm.1.59 On listening your word all the Brahmans from all provinces have started to come and some have already come, leaving alone Mahodaya, the son of Vashishta.
vrm.1.59 Oh, tigerly sage Vishvamitra, all the sons of Vashishta including Mahodaya spoke these derisive sentences with their eyes reddening in anger.
vrm.1.59 b, a That wrong headed Mahodaya also reproached me, who am irreproachable on my part, hence he gets into tribal hood and becomes a reproachable tribal for the entire world.
vrm.1.60 "The great resplendent Vishvamitra on knowing through his ascetic power about the ruination of the sons of Vashishta, along with Mahodaya, proclaimed this amidst the observance of sages.
vrm.6.101 Having addressed the words thus to Rama, the highly learned Sushena spoke the following words to Hanuma the great Vanara, who was standing nearby: "Proceeding from this place with full speed, O gentle one!, to the mountain called Oushadhi Mahodaya, which was already described to you previously by Jambavan, O brave one! Bring here for restoring the great souled and heroic Lakshmana to consciousness, the precious herb Vishalyakarani by name which was sprung up on its southern peak, Savarnakarnani Samjivakarani and the precious herb, Samdhanakarani

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